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Top Mobile Apps Built with React Native


React Native’s appearance in 2015 solved a lot of lapses, making it one of the most favored cross-platform frameworks by companies and developers. Thousands of apps now are using React Native. Here are the most remarkable ones.

Aug 20 2019| byAnton Shaleynikov

React Native vs Flutter: What you need to know


The choice of which platform to go for as a developer or a company depends on several things like previous stack, company budget, current development team. There is a number of cross-platform development solutions. Therefore, React Native and Flutter create the most noise being quite popular among mobile developers.

Jul 18 2019| byAnton Shaleynikov

Top 10 Blogs to get you started in React Native


Ever since its inception in 2015 by Facebook, the React Native framework has seen a gradual increase in its adoption. Getting started with React Native is quite easy as there are a lot of tutorials and articles written on it. Below are some of the best blogs out there to get you started with React Native.

Jul 11 2019| byAnton Shaleynikov

Flutter for Cross-Platform app Development: to use or not to use?


Flutter has come with an array of developer-friendly attributes to build highly sophisticated cross-platform apps at rapid speed. Flutter is a completely free and open-source framework loaded with an array of development tools, widgets, and frameworks that help developers to deliver better user experience.

Jul 05 2019| byJuned Ghanchi

Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2019


Knowing the right framework to choose depends on a number of things. If you intend developing a game or an app requiring a lot of device-specific functions, going native is probably the best. But if your mobile app is going to be a relatively simple one, going cross-platform is the better saving you time and money.

May 22 2019| byDmitry Budko