Top Mobile Apps Built with React Native
React Native’s appearance in 2015 solved a lot of lapses, making it one of the most favored cross-platform frameworks by companies and developers. Thousands of apps now are using React Native. Here are the most remarkable ones.
React Native vs Flutter: What you need to know
The choice of which platform to go for as a developer or a company depends on several things like previous stack, company budget, current development team. There is a number of cross-platform development solutions. Therefore, React Native and Flutter create the most noise being quite popular among mobile developers.
Top 10 Blogs to get you started in React Native
Ever since its inception in 2015 by Facebook, the React Native framework has seen a gradual increase in its adoption. Getting started with React Native is quite easy as there are a lot of tutorials and articles written on it. Below are some of the best blogs out there to get you started with React Native.
Flutter for Cross-Platform app Development: to use or not to use?
Flutter has come with an array of developer-friendly attributes to build highly sophisticated cross-platform apps at rapid speed. Flutter is a completely free and open-source framework loaded with an array of development tools, widgets, and frameworks that help developers to deliver better user experience.
Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2019
Knowing the right framework to choose depends on a number of things. If you intend developing a game or an app requiring a lot of device-specific functions, going native is probably the best. But if your mobile app is going to be a relatively simple one, going cross-platform is the better saving you time and money.
Hybrid vs Native App Development
Hybrid of Native? The issue of choosing to either build a hybrid or native application comes up before commencing development. In this article, you’ll understand what both applications are, their pros and cons and you’ll be able to make a final decision and start building your next mobile application.
Mobile Application Development Trends 2019
People use mobile for almost any operation: financial transactions, information search, communication, entertainment, health monitoring. AWe listed down the most anticipated mobile app development trends for 2019: AR, VR, artificial intelligence, machine learning, instant apps, cloud storage, smart devices, and amp.
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