Frontend Development
Frontend Development
How to Speed up your Web App and Improve Website Performance
Optimization of site performance is a big deal. It involves multiple aspects to take care of and many of them depend on the site itself, its complexity and elements. However, there is also a set of common optimization methods that work for any site.
Frontend Development
5 DevOps Tools to use
While an understanding of various concepts drives DevOps, there are different tools out there to make it easier to implement these concepts. In this article, you'll learn about these tools and hopefully, begin using them as an integral part of your software release/maintenance toolkit.
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14 Frequently Asked Questions about ReactJS
If you've chosen to use React, or you are considering it, you probably have questions you need answers to. We have gathered some of the frequently asked questions about React and will answer them here. The questions are going to be grouped into six segments, each about various aspects of React.
Frontend Development
React Native Components on GitHub for Smooth Development Process
Tons of libraries make the development process easier. This trend applies to React Native. A lot of libraries for React Native components are available on GitHub, free to use, and open source. Here a collection of components for UI, navigation, analytics, utils, geolocation, internationalization, forms, media and etc.
React Native Components
Frontend Development
Guide to Preparing for a Coding Interview
The excitement that comes with preparing for a coding interview can be overwhelming, but it's understandable. Preparing for a coding interview might be a little bit complicated. This article aims at reducing the tension by providing you with guidelines for preparing for your next interview.
Frontend Development
How to Add Push-Notifications on Firebase Cloud Messaging to React Web App
A common task is to send push notifications to users in a web app. In this guide, we will create an MVP of an app on React that will receive these notifications by using Firebase Cloud Messaging. There are certain moments to watch for.
Frontend Development
Guide: Building а Landing Page with GatsbyJS
GatsbyJS is a Javascript framework that integrates Webpack with GraphQl, to give you an awesome development experience. GatsbyJS is a suitable starting point. It has detailed documentation to transform you from beginner to expert in a short time.
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