Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Improve Your Recruitment Software with AI for HR
We’ve already talked a lot about how technology impacts various industries, including HR. Now it’s time to discuss what role Artificial Intelligence plays in the automation of HR processes and we will review one of the most common examples of using AI in HR - resume parsing. Hence, if you had any doubts about implementing AI into your current system, our article will most probably convince you that you really need to do it.
What is matching technology? How does CV/Resume Parser Work?
Artificial Intelligence
How computer vision will continue to transform advertisement in 2020
Gone are the times when advertisers aligned with the strategy of being over-pushy and annoying. Now, marketers understand the value of personalized and relevant ads and do their best to bring informative content to the users. Artificial intelligence and computer vision in particular now play a big role in transforming the traditional form of advertisement into a brand-new approach. We decided to have a closer look at the possible applications of computer vision in the marketing industry in 2020 but first let’s get it clear with computer vision definition.
Artificial Intelligence
How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Cybersecurity in 2020
Every operation on the Internet revolves around data and loss of this data can result in tremendous costs. Hence, it’s logical to assume that cybersecurity will be among the hottest 2020 trends and will demand attention from the biggest industry players.
Artificial Intelligence
The Value of AI in Customer Experience
Artificial Intelligence is the source of many of the tectonic shifts in emerging digitized relationships between customers and businesses. Successful businesses are learning that the key to customer satisfaction across digital platforms is harnessing the power of AI technology to facilitate a strong customer experience and digital presence.
Artificial Intelligence
AI for Dating Apps: How Machines help People find Love
Dating apps have been an incredibly valuable asset for thousands of people all over the world to find their perfect partner. While Artificial Intelligence can help with matching, transforming the future of dating.
Ai for dating
Artificial Intelligence
AI for Recruiting: Everything you Need to Know
AI basically lets recruiters do their primary tasks – take care of the people they hire and ensure that the candidates are satisfied and motivated. But, as with any other technology, there are certain hidden rocks to keep in mind when implementing AI in your processes.
Artificial Intelligence
Industries Transformed by Facial Recognition
We can spot these highly developed mechanisms in any industries, and this facial recognition has really transformed life on a daily basis. This technology has developed to become affordable and easily available for the majority. It helps different industries to accomplish a variety of tasks.
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