HR software development companyHRM software we build helps streamline candidate search, recruitment, and onboarding, saving you time and costs. Manage staff performance and boost job satisfaction with ease.
Solve your challenges with HR software

Time-consuming processes

Automate every HRM activity, from vacancy posting and candidate scoring and to job satisfaction survey. Boost the productivity of human resource managers and cut down operating expenses.

Disconnected systems

We’ll integrate a custom HRM system with your existing software, such as a learning management platform and CRM application. As a result, you will create a seamless workflow and increase company efficiency.

Inefficient recruiting and onboarding

Score and segment candidates efficiently, manage numerous resumes with ease, onboard new employees promptly. Set up automated notifications on interviews, meetings, and employee birthdays.

Paper-based workflows

Minimize paperwork and increase productivity with features like e-signatures, online interview scheduling, video/audio conferencing, digital reporting, and online polls. Visualize candidate and employee data on interactive dashboards.

Lack of HR data visibility

Centralize data like candidate/staff information and surveys in one place. Get a unified view of HRM data and make faster decisions. We’ll enforce security with two-factor authentication and role-based access control.

Regulatory compliance

Achieve compliance with the necessary standards and regulations such as GDPR. Our HR software development team will build the system storing documents according to federal/state labor law guidelines.

Our work
Strive to automate HR processes and cut costs?Hire our HR software developers.
How we work
step 1DiscoveryWe analyze HR software project requirements to get a clear vision of your needs and goals. As a deliverable, you receive a technical specification, a documented feature scope, and budget estimate.
step 2UX/UI designIn 2 weeks, our HR software development team makes a dynamic prototype to visualize the product interface. After discussing the prototype with you, we create a user-friendly design enjoyed by the audience.
step 3HR solution developmentFollowing Agile best practices, we deliver new functionality every 1–3 weeks. By enabling a CI/CD pipeline, we automate the testing, build, and deployment processes, reducing the feature release cycle by 3x–4x.
step 4Quality assuranceOur QA professionals test custom HR software to make sure it is error-free, performs as intended, as well as meets the necessary guidelines and regulations. We also prevent potential bottlenecks such as security issues.
step 5Launch, support, and maintenanceFinally, we launch your HR software solution. Furthermore, we offer post-release support and maintenance to ensure smooth system operation. Our HR app developers implement new features and fix arising issues on the fly.
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