Custom HR software development
Do you need custom applicant tracking system or custom job boards? ⭐ Dashbouquet ⭐ offers advanced approach to custom Innovative HR software development. We utilize AI, Machine Learning and NLP technologies to put your project into action

Custom HR software development

If your HR department struggles with excessive paperwork and inflow of resumes, it might be the right time to think about a custom applicant tracking system. This tool not only automates plenty of mundane processes but brings in other valuable benefits that your HRs will thank you for.

What is a custom ATS and why is it so good?

Many companies opt for building a custom ATS that is developed from scratch and in full correspondence with one’s needs.
Here are the biggest pros of custom solutions vs readymade ones:
Better flexibility: you can tweak the tool as needed;
100% match with your business needs;
Great functionality;
Support from the development team;
Integration with all needed services;
Maintenance issues handled by the development team;

The biggest challenges of the HR industry that ATS helps resolve.

CV screening takes too much time

On average, an HR specialist screens hundreds of resumes on a daily basis - imagine how much time it takes to check whether a single resume fits the requirements. It is especially relevant for those companies that hire globally: access to such a wide talent pool significantly multiplies the number of resumes that HR specialists encounter.

Applicants’ data is stored in different places

When an HR department does not have a centralized system, the applicants’ data is often stored in many different places. Hence, when a person needs to create a full applicant’s profile, they will have to go through numerous databases and systems to get this information. Needless to say, manual search for information from different sources equals too much time spent on a single applicant.

Too many events to manage and track manually

Giving feedback to applicants, scheduling meetings and calls, tracking the applicants’ statuses, and much more - all these activities require constant tracking. When an HR specialist is overwhelmed with such tasks, it becomes incredibly easy to miss something or make a mistake.

Too many boards and portals to manage

When an HR specialist posts a job, they usually do so on several job portals and dashboards. Imagine how much time it takes to post several positions a day to multiple websites and dashboards. As well, don’t forget that the company information has to be regularly updated - and that’s right, you need to update it everywhere online where a company is present.

How a custom ATS helps

Above are the biggest pain points of any HR department. Let’s see how a custom applicant tracking solution helps eliminate them.

Centralized data storage

one of the main headaches of an HR department is that data is stored in multiple places. With an applicant tracking system, all your data will be kept in one place and HR specialists will be able to easily search through it and find the right candidate within mere minutes. You can configure ATS exactly as needed in terms of data management. You can set up specific filters, require particular tools for data sourcing, and manage the data storage as needed.

Processes automation

A specialized applicant tracking software product automates a lot of manual tasks such as CV filtering, applicant status tracking, interview scheduling, and so much more. Hence, it helps HR specialists save an enormous amount of time previously spent on mundane manual tasks. When an applicant fills in your application, the ATS tool will automatically create a profile, add the applicant to the database, and will make sure the profile matches the requirements. In this way, the only thing HR specialists have to do is pick the best candidates out of the ones the tool selected. HR specialists, in turn, will not have to search through multiple websites for a single profile they came across before - all applicants will be automatically saved and stored in one place.

Integration with other services

While an out-of-the-box ATS offers integration but it’s limited to the developers’ choice, a custom product can be integrated with any service of your choice. Needless to say, this offers immense flexibility and convenience as HR specialists will not have to work with numerous dashboards at the same time. All they will have to do is open an ATS and manage everything from there.

Better candidates’ experience

When an HR specialist is overwhelmed with tasks, it becomes easy for them to forget to send a follow-up email or provide feedback to applicants. The lack of feedback and response from HR specialists, in turn, leads to a poor candidates’ experience and can discourage them from further interaction with the company. An applicant tracking tool resolves the issue with an option of customizable and automated responses and notifications. You can set up your system as needed so candidates always receive feedback.

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An application that makes the resume screening and job posting processes faster and more accurate using the Machine Learning technology. At DashBouquet, we have rich experience in developing custom ATS software solutions and Noviopus is a great example of such an app.
An application that makes the resume screening and job posting processes faster and more accurate using the Machine Learning technology.

Great job, the team is fully dedicated and does very professional programming.

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