Responsibility between the Client and the Development Company
For an outsourced software development company, communication and workflow organization are the keys to a successful and effective collaboration. In addition to communication and organization, there is also an issue of shared responsibility and trust.
The Always Important Human Factors in Development
The science of human factors makes a compelling case for becoming integral in the development of almost any product or service. It moves the conversation from what you envisage will happen in theory to what will actually happen in practice due to human traits, quirks, limitations and general characteristics.
Soft Skills for Developers: Why Do they Matter and Which Ones are the most Important?
Technical and soft skills for developers go together like peanut butter and jelly. Though the employer will first be looking at the tech background and the experience with specific tools, soft skills determine whether the person will stay in the team for a long time.
Manage Software Company - Philosophy of Development
Time to talk about work ethics and rules that influence the turnover rate of a software development company. Here, six things to communicate to your team. These are key takeaways from 5 years managing the company as a CEO. This guide goal is to help teams to adjust their processes and improve the current one.
Management Using Values In Small Teams
How to build up real values everyone in your team are aware of. In small companies, words are heard and felt by everyone. All employees understand whether this or that word has sense.
Technologies in Management (“Technology” Over “Process”)
After a number of achievements and failures, I came to a conclusion that people, who tend to say “processes” or other modern words, most often hide their misunderstanding and lack of knowledge behind these words.
Interview Flow in DashBouquet
Do you want to know how to optimize your team and find best people? We share our principles of hiring politics, based on our special hiring technology.
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