Innovative HR Development Software Services
Do you need custom applicant tracking system or custom job boards? ⭐ Dashbouquet ⭐ offers advanced approach to custom Innovative HR software development. We utilize AI, Machine Learning and NLP technologies to put your project into action
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Innovative HR Development Software Services

Do you need custom applicant tracking system or custom job boards? Dashbouquet offers advanced approach to custom HR software development. We utilize AI, Machine Learning and NLP technologies to put your project into action.

Custom HR Software development

If universal systems are not suitable for customizing your business processes, you can order an individual solution. It is ideal for a startup with a unique product or service. With modern solutions, integrated into the product development process, our HR software development company will:
Create a mobile app (for any market), adapted to modern requirements of HR-development
Control human resource management of the enterprise, etc.
Automates business processes, using human resources software and the latest tech

Complex solutions

To figure out the main aspects, it will be better to mention that HR is not about segregating, but about complex solutions. There are three categories – strategic, workforce, and core HR-management. It explains a lot! The specialists never try to make an incomprehensible result, because the app helps to avoid 98% of difficulties in the HR-process. Each of them helps to make complex work for a better outcome. If we will go for the numbers, 8,25% of companies believe in the traditional performance management process process that drives business value. What about others, they prefer to lead modern innovation. In this case, it helps:
Save lots of time on really important things
Make a quick
Allow to search key-words and phrases
Provide an ultimate comfort for users

HR software consulting

HR software consulting is a good choice for a startup. It allows you to avoid mistakes in the process of the company promotion, and solve complex and time-consuming tasks as efficiently as possible. Compared to traditional entrepreneurship, a startup can benefit from HR-solutions:
The ability to control business processes remotely
A full-cycle system with embedded software
Installation for monitoring all online and offline activities etc.

HR software development services

Dash Bouquet is a full-cycle company, which works worldwide and use only the latest solutions. We follow the innovations, guaranteeing clients only proven, safe and high-tech developments.
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Data Mining, Data
Analytics, Big Data
React Native for
mobile apps
Data Visualization

What our clients say



Everyone, from their management team to their developers, is willing and ready to answer our questions.


Anna-Lena Gerber

We were so satisfied with the work of Dashbouquet that I recommended them to a lot of people in my network.


Rubporn Memoli

They are knowledgeable and quick-working, producing quality work.


Robert Fair

Dashbouquet is excellent, I would give them a perfect score.

Fast software

HR software development company: our advantages

Transparent and prompt communication between
the development team and a client
Paperwork kept
to a minimum
First results delivered
in 6 weeks

Our featured works


An application that makes the resume screening and job posting processes faster and more accurate using the Machine Learning technology.

Great job, the team is fully dedicated and does very professional programming.

Gilad Federman

CEO, Noviopus, Israel


A platform that serves the hiring needs of recruiters across Canada and US providing the direct work with hiring companies.

HR Software Solutions

HR-apps — best reason for CEO or director
Our company develops hi-tech solutions to provide clients businesses with rapid growth and the most comfortable business running. We offer human resources management app and different innovations, so it helps to choose the best HR-path of development.
Human Resources Mobile Apps
Our developers create great HR-applications, which help to be on top in the mobile-depended world. You can order any software for any laptops, so it will work with different operating systems (Android, Windows, IOS, etc.). In this way, you, clients, and workers will stay up-to-date in all processes despite whereabouts from each other.
Web HR management platforms
We develop HR-management platforms to achieve the best results in the client’s business-promotion, giving special attention to security, as all these systems are data carriers of valuable information for companies (inner processes, employers, clients, etc.).
HRM modules implementation
According to the view, that you may need a full-cycle HRM or a particular solution, «DashBouquet» recommends you to optimize all needs with:
Recruitment module
The main role of this system is in posting relevant jobs, signing in new profiles, posting, and searching for new workers.
This application is good for mentors and HR-managers. It helps to compare and monitor the performance of employees. It is used as a professional tool for HR-specialists.
Benefits Mngt
Created by our company modules help software engineers to make plans and share them with others. The main key of technology is in reporting creation, pricing of organization, monthly allowance, etc.
HR system developers assist in training. The development of various modules is carried out during the process. We create new teaching guides or entire curricula activities.
Payroll Mngt
This thing can save you lots of $$$ on bills and consultants. The main payroll mngt module includes the following features: employee benefits management, travel expense accounting, and tax deduction confirmation.