Custom HR Software Development

HR Software helps businesses to reduce workload and optimize recruitment tasks

We deliver

Custom Applicant Tracking Systems

  • Automate assessment process
  • Reduce the human factor and errors
  • Standardization of processes and reports
  • Fast, reliable and scalable HR data warehouse
  • Manage resources in a smart efficient way

Custom Job Boards

  • CV database access
  • CV search tools (category, experience, keyword)
  • Job posting
  • Automatic job alerts

Data Extraction / Mining

Advanced approach to HR software development

  • Use AI to extract structured information out of CV or Job Description
  • Crawl information from other boards for marketing purposes
  • Using Machine Learning and NLP estimate relevance of CV to a given Job description (candidate matching)

Our key benefits

Smart platforms to optimize the
workflow and increase productivity


Solution can be integrated with other existing software


Native apps for iOS and Android platforms


Cloud-based solution to store data secure


Scalable solution for growing data

AI-powered ATS

Applicant tracking system

AI solves a number of issues in the recruitment process. For that purpose, we took Machine Learning and created the matching engine to screen applicants by their requirements matching level. We used text analytics technology that automatically converts job descriptions text into data and applicant resumes files into searchable data. We also added API connections to publish job openings on multiple job boards. Thus, we built a system, which learns the employer’s patterns of recruitment and improving the matching results based on that.


  • MongoDB
  • Neo4J
  • React
  • Material-UI
  • IBM Loopback
  • Google APIs
  • AWS

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Employment website

Job board

Finding a perfect job match is a severe task. A search engine with job listing can solve this problem. We’ve implemented a custom algorithm for vacancies (candidates) and CVs (companies), where weights take into account the location, scope of employment, skills, education, profession, and etc.


  • React
  • Typescript
  • GraphQL
  • Python
  • MongoDB
  • SpaCy
  • Google APIs several commercial APIs

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Jobs aggregator

Job board

Companies are looking for the right candidates on a daily basis. We’ve developed a platform for professional HRs and companies looking for employees, matching the company with HR. For instance, companies will pay for closing the job position and the platform will get the fee for each mediation.


  • React
  • Loopback
  • PostgreSQL
  • Python
  • Typescript
  • MS Office formats support
  • AWS

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Save time and money working with us on Custom HR Software solution.
The expected MVP delivery time is 7 weeks.