Pose estimation

Hand pose estimation

Face embedding

Car Make/Model recognition

Logo Detection

Computer Vision

Artificial neural network models for objects detection.

Social network data gathering

Dataset creation

Data Visualization

Data Augmentation

Data Mining

Analyzing volumes of data and presenting in a readable manner.

Mobile model conversion

Cloud deployment

Model Conversion & Deployment

Converting and deploying your model into the required format and required placement.

Text Generation

NLP detection

Natural Language Processing

Processing technology to extract value from the text data.

Predict customer's churn

Content recommendation

Prediction Models

Building analytics models to anticipate behavioral patterns.


Car make/model recognition

We built a model that recognizes the make and model of a car by a photo. We trained it in Keras and deployed to be used as an API by a web application.

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Car trading app

Car recognition with computer vision. The future of car trading apps.
App detects model, engine, power, body type, color.

We can help businesses innovate with AI, enrich customer insights, automate processes and become more cost-efficient.

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