Music education web app for students and CMS for teachers.


Music education web app for students and CMS for teachers.

The Challenge

The client contacted us with a ready idea of a music education web application. The main point was in providing the uses with the option to learn the music basics online and in an independent manner, without the need to visit the music schools and adjusting to its schedule.

Tech Stack




The Solution

At first, in accordance with the client’s request, we developed an MVP and received a lot of positive feedback from the users. Thus, it was decided to expand the product functionality and turn it into a full-fledged music theory learning tool. For the students, the app offers a big variety of lessons separated by certain topics. At any time, a student can repeat the lesson, receive tips and scores for the lesson, monitor the progress, and set learning goals. For the teachers, the app functions as a comprehensive LMS that stores student records, helps issue grads, and easily communicate with the students. As well, both students and teachers can configure the app as needed which adds to its high usability.

The Results

DashBouquet developed a learning app that is currently used by top-5 music universities in the US. We continue expanding the app’s functionality and provide ongoing maintenance and support services.

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