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Application for horse owners

The Challenge

The client got an idea to create an application that would allow horse owners to always stay aware of their horse’s health state, activity, and any issues that might occur. Such an application would serve as a valuable assistant for all horse owners, allowing them to timely identify any warning symptoms and making sure the horse is healthy.

Tech Stack


React Native



The Solution

The main goal of the client was to create a data management solution that would allow users to always stay updated on the horse’s state, receive real-time notifications, and access the reports. The solution also had to be highly scalable in order to store and process massive amounts of data. The Trackner team already had an IoT device that had the following features: GPS, 6 axis IMU, heart rate sensor, temperature, and humidity sensor, barometer, and GSM for sending data. As well, the team had a ready API for data retrieval from devices and a web application for displaying the data to horse owners. The DashBouquet team’s scope of work covered the development of a new version of Trackener mobile app. That implied using JavaScript React Native, DevOps, work with the frontend and backend, app’s implementation, and set up on Amazon Web Services. The migration of the web app’s dashboard to React Native was done by reusing the mobile app codebase. We moved the production platform to AWS: API to authenticate and manage the devices hosted on AWS IoT. To prevent possible issues, we set up the pairs of servers with load balancing, including the platform’s security increase.

The Results

The client received a scalable data management solution that is capable of processing different kinds of events received from the IoT device with cloud backend and cloud database that stores these events by day, by week, by month and by year. Users can track any event in real-time and constantly monitor the health state of their pets. Trackener is a great digital care solution for all horse-lovers and professional sportsmen working with horses.