Trackener Life app is about helping horse owners to detect and prevent as early as possible horses’ health issues.


Veterinary Medicine and Animal Care




Cloud solution for data extraction, data processing and data visualization


3 months

estimated man-hours:

347 hours


TypeScript, React Native, GraphQL, AWS

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Trackener was interested in creating data management solution that allows the users always to stay updated, receive real-time notifications and access the reports. Solution had to be scalable to store and process an increasing amount of data.

Trackner team already had an IoT device to collect horse’s data like GPS, 6 axis IMU, heart rate sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, barometer, and GSM for sending data; API to retrieve data from devices, clean, classify and store them; and web application to display data to horse owners.

DashBouquet team scope of work covered development of a new version of Trackener mobile app using JavaScript React Native, DevOps, frontend, backend, implementation, and setup on Amazon Web Services.

Web app dashboard migration to React Native was done by reusing mobile app codebase. We moved production platform to AWS: API to authenticate and manage devices hosted on AWS IoT. To prevent possible failures we setup pairs of servers with load balancing, including platform’s security increase.

Client received a scalable data management solution processing different kinds of event from IoT device with cloud backend and cloud database that stores these time series events by day, by week, by month and by year. Users can track events in real time monitoring their pet health. It is digital care solution for horse-lovers and professional sportsmen.