Pyroscope is an open source continuous profiling platform that allows you to understand your systems resource usage (i.e. CPU, Memory, etc.) over time and gives you the ability to locate, debug, and fix issues related to performance


open source continuous profiling platform

The Challenge

The client’s software is a storage backend for performance monitoring data, but that data can come from multiple different agents (Go, python, ruby, ebpf, dotnet, java, php, nodeJS, etc). So Dashbouquet’s team stepped in to help support all of these different languages on the backend as well as support these languages on the frontend. The goal was to get as many people from all these different use cases using the open source project as possible AND have a good experience so that the client could ultimately funnel them into their enterprise product (if they require the enterprise features).

Tech Stack



Redux Thunk

Css modules


The Solution

Dashbouquet team helped build a Node agent that allowed for node and javascript users to be able to use the client’s software and developed various key frontend features for the main project of Our team was able to refactor the frontend to make it so that it is significantly cleaner and better designed to do things like "light mode” and helped the client with some of the adjacent projects such as the website and make it also serve as a funnel into pyroscope. Dashbouquet also did some full-stack work that included more than just javascript and did some golang stuff as well.

The Results

The client was able to 3x the speed of closing frontend issues, increase revenue by 2x by being able to support different languages and potential customers, and increase their DAU by 30% since they started with Dashbouquet.

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