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Аpplication for monitoring all baby’s achievements and baby’s development

The Challenge

Nubabi is an application for monitoring all baby’s achievements and baby’s development, answering parents' questions. The main idea behind the application was to create a solution that would help young parents answer all their questions such as what toys are good for babies; new ideas for playing with babies; questions related to sexual life, postpartum period, and many others.

Tech Stack



The Solution

The Nubabi team already had a ready solution for backend and a unique database that contained all content created by a focus group of doctors and babycare professionals. The application used an algorithm that selected specific educational tasks and activities for a baby based on the baby’s parameters and their success in the completion of previous tasks. The DashBouquet team’s scope of work covered the web application development using React. Due to the expected amount of data to be processed, the client emphasized the importance of the high scalability of the solution. As well, the client asked us to implement a payment system since the application was intended to work on a commercial basis. This task turned out to be rather challenging since the client requested us to use the payment systems typical for his location (South Africa) such as eft manual, eft secure and snap scan. However, after thorough research, we managed to successfully implement the needed system into the application. Nubabi’s functionality includes a content library, support of content sharing (similar to social networking), a newsfeed with different forms of content. The application also displays the current baby’s parameters and activity history in clear and understandable graphs. We added both metric and imperial systems into the tracking mechanism to make the app suitable for any user.

The Results

The client received a user-friendly and seamlessly functioning solution that makes the parents’ life easier by helping them raise confident and emotionally intelligent kids with the help of real experts’ knowledge and advice.

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