Nubabi is an application for monitoring all baby’s achievements and baby’s development, answering parents questions.


Mother and Baby Care




High-resolution visual media content processing and display


9 months

estimated man-hours:

1800 hours


React, GraphQL

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01 / 06


Nubabi was interested in creating a solution for young parents to dispel their fears and doubts. The idea was to answer questions such as what toys are good for babies; how much is too much; what are some new ideas to play with babies; also questions connected with sexual life, postpartum period and same time track such important babies parameters as height and weight.

Nubabi team already had a ready solution for backend and a unique database containing the amount of content created by a focus group of doctors and babycare professionals. Application uses an algorithm that selects educational tasks and activities for a baby individually based on baby’s parameters and success of previous tasks completion.

DashBouquet team scope of work covered web application development using React. Solution had to be scalable to process increasing amount of data as a client was going to add more content continuously. As an app should work on the commercial basis we implemented a billing system. The task occurred to be quite tricky as client based on his location required to use typical for South Africa peach payments, eft manual, eft secure and snap scan.

Nubabi works as a library and kind of social network with newsfeed for audio, video, photos and text notes. So that the algorithm requires to store and optimize great files volume and process high-resolution images. App also displays the current baby’s parameters and development history in graphs. We added metric and imperial systems into tracking mechanism that made application universal.

Client received a user-friendly solution that makes parents life easier helping raise confident and emotionally intelligent kids, based on real experts knowledge without risk to find the wrong answer in the internet.