A uroflowmetry application to help men diagnose and monitor their LUTS/BPH symptoms or post-surgery recovery by using a smartphone at home.

The Challenge

The client came up with an idea of developing a mobile app solution that would help male users take better care of their urinary health. Considering the fact that many male patients hesitate to contact the doctor on the matter of any urinary diseases, the app would help them timely identify any problems and take the necessary preventative measures.

Tech Stack

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The Solution

The DashBouquet development team came up with an innovative solution to solve the assigned task. We developed a proprietary algorithm that analyzes the patient’s urinary health by processing the sound of urine hitting the water surface and then calculating its flow, value, etc. In this way, a patient can easily monitor and diagnose his symptoms and immediately learn about any possible problem. The application consists of two parts: a user panel and an admin panel. A user panel has a questionnaire that helps the app receive the necessary information about the patient’s state and the features of monitoring urinary health. An admin panel is designed for the doctors. When a doctor uses the app, he can keep the records of all his patients and monitor their state.

The Results

The DashBouquet team developed a unique and innovative healthcare application that is fully compliant with HIPAA. It is already used by thousands of male patients worldwide and it significantly facilitates the process of urinary health monitoring and treatment.

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