The Challenge

A client approached us with an idea to create a Big Data management system that would allow enterprises to connect their Big Data and SQL worlds and to use familiar BI tools. Since DashBouquet has rich experience in work with Big Data, we immediately agreed to work on this project.

Tech Stack






The Solution

Our development team designed a proprietary data management system that allows users to manage their Big Data in a more efficient way. The first thing that we worked on was the GUI. The client requested the GUI to be good-looking and functional and be able to connect to the management system directly in order to control the key parameters and to perform certain tasks. Another challenge lied in creating a UI that would give a “sense of speed” to the users, compared to alternative solutions. Since it would give the application a competitive advantage, we invested quite a lot of time and resources into fine-tuning it. As well, we had to build a system that would display stable and robust performance regardless of external conditions. For that, we identified all logic key elements as discrete files with test coverage which starts every time the application is deployed.

The Results

DashBouquet created a stable and secure application with rich functionality and in full correspondence with the client’s requirements. By carefully choosing the development tools and approaches, we managed to decrease the costs on iteration f the key components by 40% which served as an additional bonus.

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