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Reporting application

The Challenge

The client approached us with an idea of collecting indemnity reports and providing processed data to the community via a user-friendly application. The key requirements were quick time-to-market, reliable and secure data processing, and smooth UI that would allow users to complete the massive questionnaire without being overwhelmed with information. Therefore, this project had a couple of constraints, such as limited client’s budget and partially determined requirements for the final project as well as strict deadlines in correspondence with the pre-planned marketing campaign.

Tech Stack







The Solution

Considering the rich functionality of the application, we started with creating a clickable app wireframe in order not to miss any features. As well, we focused on design a lot since the client wanted a clear, modern, and LinkedIn-style design with no unwanted elements. While working on the design, we chose a tech stack to use in the development process. This stack was based on the already created “technical design”, graphic concepts, and client’s requirements concerning UX and UI. As a result, we selected Angular2 for the front-end and Express/NodeJS for the back-end side. The server is hosted on AWS to provide maximal reliability and security. In order to reach quick development speed, we selected MongoDB as our main database. Since we did not know exactly how much traffic the app will be handling, we optimized the deployment and development processes by using Docker technology. And we selected AWS as a perfect infrastructure provider in order to quickly scale and create bulletproof deployments. To avoid misunderstanding and guarantee communication transparency, we were constantly communicating with both our client and team members. Every week the client received a presentation from us, where we showed work results for the client’s approval.

The Results

Due to the ongoing communication between the team and the client, we managed to meet the set deadlines and deliver the expected product in a short period of time. The application fully meets all the requirements and received high praise from the client.

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