Manage delivery process the same way as uber does, but for in-city commercial cargo transportation.

The Challenge

The client contacted us with an idea of a commercial cargo delivery system, similar to Uber. The main idea was to reduce the waiting time and costs for the users while providing valuable fees to the drivers and an opportunity for better customer service for the sellers.

Tech Stack


React Native






The Solution

"DashBouquet started the development process by conducting a thorough technical analysis. The solution required to have several interfaces: for the sellers, customers, and drivers, and each needed to be adapted for iOS and Android, correspondingly. So after the analysis, the development team created the needed interfaces to present them to the client. A small number of drivers during the initial stage was a challenge as well. We resolved it by introducing a group cargo option. As well, we integrated an accurate map and added the option of a quick response to abnormal events, such as the client’s decline, damage of goods in transit, etc. Overall, the application that we developed has a rich functionality with all the necessary elements that are expected from a delivery solution."

The Results

As an outcome, the client received a complex yet user-friendly application that brings multiple benefits to its users. With the help of the application, businesses got an option of better customer service, customers can now expect their delivery on the same day, and drivers receive flexibility in terms of managing their schedule and workload.

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