BellavkaBellavka is a clothes retailer that sells women attire to customers across Europe
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Business Result

We successfully released a mobile e-commerce app, with which the client soon attracted thousands of new customers. As a result, the retailer managed to increase average purchase size and brand recognition, generating a higher revenue.

By delivering a mobile loyalty program, the company managed to boost the audience’s satisfaction and improve LTV. Thanks to a beautifully designed product, now the organization enjoys high retention and low churn.

Currently, we continue our cooperation with the client, building a similar e-commerce project.

Tech Stack

Bellavka is a clothes retailer that sells women attire to customers across Europe. The client has over 30,000 items in the catalog and is constantly expanding its business.

When the company came to Dashbouquet, it already had an e-commerce platform. Aiming to generate a higher revenue and attract new customers, the retailer saw the opportunity to develop a progressive web app (PWA) version of the existing website.

The main business tasks were:

Increase average purchase size, retention, and LTV Boost the audience’s engagement and minimize churn Improve brand recognition and customer loyalty

After conducting thorough research, we discovered that the majority of users visit the website from their mobile devices.

In this regard, we suggested the client building a cross-platform mobile e-commerce application instead of a PWA to enhance the app usability and overall customer experience. Since it was crucial to ensure an amazing user experience, creating a beautiful intuitive design was among the main requirements.


Bellavka is a cross-platform mobile application that duplicates the website functionality and is integrated with Firebase, Google Maps, and Google Geocoding. Our primary goal was to make a highly user-centric app and it’s safe to say that the Dashbouquet team succeeded.

Team The Dashbouquet team: 1 frontend developer, 1 project manager, 1 QA engineer. From the client’s side: 2 backend developers

Duration Total: 13 months Start date: March 2022 Wireframing: March 10 - March 28 Development phase: May 2022 - January 2023

App performance optimization We’ve introduced several big changes to the initial product idea. First, we worked on the app’s performance. Since the product catalog had too much information with too many categories and filters, it slowed down the app’s performance a lot. What we did was we introduced pagination and multithreading. Thanks to this, the application started loading content gradually. This feature turned out to be especially useful to the majority of the target audience, as most users do not have powerful smartphones capable of processing large data amounts simultaneously.

Customer experience and design Second, we carefully tailored the product to the needs of the target audience. We created a smooth user flow with intuitive navigation and added an option to access the content when the application does not have access to the Internet. As for the UI/UX part, the Dashbouquet team implemented the following features:

Loaders Padding Auto-correct Pop-ups Built-in chat (under development)

Key features

Catalog (30,000+ items): detailed product cards with descriptions and photos, advanced filtering with multiple categories and information on goods in the catalog, promotions, and banners Sign in/up: via a telephone number/SMS Cart: display of pickup points on the integrated map, work with user’s address and data, support of various currencies, bulk and retail pricing, shipping calculator (via Google Geocoding), easy checkout Interactive education: a step-by-step ordering process in 1 click and usual ordering process User profile: profile editing, full shopping history, an option to leave reviews Search: auto-complete by a phrase and/or by a category Item return: questions and reviews Push notifications: include promotions, order status and updates, banners Favorites: available to both registered and guest users Payments: user’s balance page (transactions, bonuses, bonus system) Loyalty program: discounts upon ordering an item, discounts for reviews, etc. KYC: a gift upon validating the identity