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Aug 18 2017 | byNatalia Kukushkina

Uber Revolution: How to Change Your Business Once and for All and Make Your Clients Happier

Since Uber was launched, it gained incredible popularity and is widely used all over the world. Its secret lies in its simplicity: you don’t have to call a taxi service or catch a ride, competing with people standing next to you on the street. You can now simply open the app on your smartphone, make a few taps and voila! The car is in front of you. Fast, efficient and totally personal – seems like the dream of any client.

But taxi service is not the only one that can use such apps and deliver such experience. Your customers are demanding and they expect convenience, timely delivery and high standards of service. It’s preferred for them to have the product/service delivered to them whether they are at home, office, bar or in the park. And you, as a product owner, want to cut on time and costs but at the same time keep the quality on high level.

And there is a solution to that. Uber-like apps are a new trend of on-demand economy and it’s progressing rapidly. They allow customers to fulfill their demands and immediately receive products and service. Even more, they help customers feel like they are valued because the company immediately response to their requests.

What are these apps and why they are so important

On-demand apps

These apps are on-demand type and they basically function like Uber: a user taps a few times and will have a product or service delivered to them within short period of time. The range of products is vast and includes package delivery, flowers, pizza, laundry, lawn moving and so much more.

Why it matters so much? Because:

  • The overall use of smart devices is overwhelming and your customer reach will expand significantly
  • On-demand helps to create better user experience and increases the level of customer satisfaction
  • It saves time incredibly by dismissing unnecessary intermediates like phone calls or filling in online forms

Now, it all sounds like a perfect business plan and you now need to have the app done. The idea is to create your own on-demand app and let your customers use your product or services by tapping a few times on their smartphone screen. At DashBouquet we have rich expertise in building truly beautiful and individually tailored apps that will perfectly suit your business needs.

App development: what it includes

Customer app aggregates demand for your service and service provider app to maintain a robust fulfillment side.

Each app has its purpose and own set of features. Customer app includes:

  • Registration: the user will create a profile with certain dashboards.
  • Service selection: may include customizable ordering module, shopping and wish list, history of previous deliveries.
  • Service scheduling: allows users to book an appointment, manage the bookings, set a specific time for product/service delivery.
  • Allocation: users can choose a pickup and drop locations, choose service provider (if there is a list of them in the app).
  • Tracking: allows to track the order, check the delivery status on the map
  • Promos and offers: app will keep the user updated with latest news, promotions and deals via push notifications.
  • Notifications and alerts, including “call me back” feature
  • Payment: the app will send the invoice after the payment is complete
  • Reviews and ratings to enhance user engagement and share feedback

Service provider app will have following features:

  • Web admin panel, which is a cloud based platform that allows to view incoming orders and request details
  • Request management: for example, updating customer and order status
  • Payment: the process of paying for the customer order and invoice generation (a message or an email sent to the user)
  • Ratings and reviews: see what customers think of your business
  • Featured listing: service providers can opt for a featured listing in the app.

And obviously, you are going to need an admin panel in order to manage and control the whole app working process. The panel may have:

  • Secure authentication
  • Dashboard
  • User management
  • Manage services and pricing, service providers, customers, service requests, ratings & reviews and metadata (categories, sub-categories, inventory)
  • Transaction reports
  • App analytics (downloads, usage tracking, leads & service request tracking)

Each app that we built is perfectly suited for the needs of our clients because we opt for delivering an experience for both the client and final user. You don’t need to have much: an idea would be enough and we will work together with you in order to build a unique and outstanding product. Don’t hesitate to write to us directly and ask any questions  - DashBouquet team is always ready for a chat!