Overview of Developers for 2017: Main Trends and DashBouquet Keeping up to Them (part 2)
At DashBouquet we know that it’s crucial that you are keeping up with the pace of business development or you lose. Simple as that. That’ why we try to catch all the surveys dedicated to biggest development trends and do as much research as possible. We want to share with you a survey that came out recently. It features useful data about developers, including preferred programming languages, frameworks, databases, job priorities and employment.
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Overview of Developers for 2017: Main Trends and DashBouquet Keeping up to Them (part 2)

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Jun 16 2017 | byDmitry Budko

In our previous article, we spoke about results of survey concerning developers, their roles, demographics and etc. In Part 2 we will have a look at more specific data concerning developers work and will compare it to the data from DashBouquet team.

How developers level up

Before we jump to the data about technologies and frameworks, lets’ first finish with the data about education. According to the survey, the most popular ways developers self-educate are official documentation and Stack Overflow Q&A. On the second place are trade books and non-stack online communities. 64.7% of developers recommend online courses for those who want to start learning coding and second option is books and work through exercises.

An interesting note here: 48.3% of developers said they code for fun, meaning, they see it not only as their job but hobby as well.

Programming languages

Number one programming language is JavaScript (62.5%) with SQL on the second place and Java on third.  However, Python was chosen by 32.0% and PHP by 28.1%, unlike last five years where PHP was ahead of Python.

At DashBouquet we also prefer JavaScript so the results of the survey are no surprise for us.

Frameworks & libraries

47.1% of developers prefer Node.js and 44.3% chose Angular. This matches our preferences as we also use Angular for front-end and Node.js for back-end. React got only 19.5% of votes, however, we like to use this technology as well because it has its own advantages that fit our needs (we mentioned it in our previous blog posts).

Databases & platforms

MySQL is number one choice among databases with 55.6% of votes and SQL Server is on the second place with 38.6%. DashBouquet team, however, prefers Mongo, Elastic Search and Postgre because these databases fit our needs better.

As for platforms, the most popular one is Windows Desktop (41%) followed by Linux Desktop (32.9%). Android comes third with 28.2%. At DashBouquet we work on various platforms depending on the project, mostly we work on web apps and iOS.

Loved, dreaded and wanted languages

Survey also asked an unusual question which was: what languages are your most loved/dreaded/wanted ones? The most loved language that developers want to continue working with is Rust (73.1%) and Smalltalk comes second. Swift, which was number 2 last year, this time was ranked on fourth place only.

The most dreaded language is Visual Basic 6, meaning that developers who work with it would not want to continue using this language. VBA and CoffeeScript are on second and third places.

Most wanted language means the one developers want to use in the future and this year Python took first place (20.6%). JavaScript was chosen by 18.6%, leaving C++ on fourth place and Java on fifth.

Languages and occupation

The survey also found out the most preferred languages depending on different occupations. Results showed that Web developers mostly prefer JavaScript (81.7%), SQL and C#. Same goes for desktop developers but in this case SQL was the most preferred language. For DevOps and Data Scientists JavaScript was number one choice.

Employment and satisfaction

The majority of respondents work as full-time developers and this is true for all countries: USA, UK, Europe and Asia. Additional 10% of respondents work part-time or as independent contractors.

Speaking about satisfaction from their job, most respondents (22.2%) said they are quite satisfied with their work, with overall level of satisfaction ranging from 7 to 9 out of 10.

Job priorities

The survey also asked developers about job priorities and most developers chose potential for professional development and benefits as their prior concern when assessing their job. As well they said office environment and technologies they will be using also matter to them.

Among the benefits the most popular one was vacation or days off (57%), remote options and health benefits.


Overall, the survey did not surprise us with the results as DashBouquet team falls into the majority of respondents in relation to preferred languages, platforms and libraries. Because we keep an eye on trends and make sure to check them out, we can say that we really use innovative technologies and try to deliver the best product and experience to our clients.

 Based on Stackoverflow developer survey results 2017

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