Dos and Dont's of Developing a Business Website
A business website is very much similar to a regular website. However, it is also different from other websites because of the fact that it is meant for business. This article will give you the dos and dont's of developing a business website.
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Dos and Dont's of Developing a Business Website

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Oct 05 2018 | byGuest Author

It is very hard to imagine a venture or establishment without a website. I was discussing with a friend who had the idea of starting up an online mall. Going by his idea, he wanted to build a platform where people could sell their products and people could buy their products. I told him the idea was fine and asked him what steps he has taken so far. His shocking reply was that he has already started designing the website. Like my friend in the story, many individuals, as well as establishments, are so quick to design and launch a website besides considering certain important factors. Thanks to WordPress development, people now have the ability to design websites at their fingertips. Even with a very good web development company or content management system, you are bound to end up badly if you do not know the rudiments of developing a good website.

A business website is very much similar to a regular website. However, it is also different from other websites because of the fact that it is meant for business. There are certain features you may add to a non-business website that will be fantastic but will be harmful when added to a business website and vice versa. This article will give you the dos and don’ts of developing a business website.

Don’t use a “shouting” background but do use a beautiful background

There is a reason why it is called background. When your background now commands more attention, believe me, it is no longer a background. Even a photographer would not pick a background that will overwhelm the person contained in the picture unless the person in the picture is not the focus but the background is. Your background should be beautiful and attractive but should never be a distraction.

Example: you can use a plain background such as white as it does not draw too much attention.

Do optimize your website but don’t overdo it.

I hate overkilling, no matter the reason it is being done. Optimization is good without a doubt, but nobody will want to continue surfing a website that loads very fast but has not too clear or blurry images. To help you with the optimization of your website, design your website online rather than using offline web design applications. You can use apps that reduce the size of the image without tampering with the quality.

Example: you can use apps that reduce the size of the image without tampering with the quality.

Do optimize your website for mobile viewing

This will come in handy in terms of traffic and traffic is necessary for every business website. Most web operators now have dual versions of their website, the desktop view and mobile view. When optimizing your website for mobile view, do well to ensure that the most important and regularly used features are present in the mobile view mode. Your mobile view should be a replica for your desktop view, not an unsubstantial substitute.

Example: a bootstrap admin such as elite admin could come in handy.

Do focus your content strategically, don’t over-generalize it.

You cannot please everybody, do not even bother trying. This could be the fall of a business that has barely risen. When developing your content, always direct it at your targeted audience. In addition, your content should focus on what your strategic audience stand to benefit from doing business with you rather than what you have to offer. This will go a long way to help reduce the number of questions your client or customer will likely ask.

Example: you can make your content youth-focused as they more likely to be your target audience.

Do use multimedia, don’t focus on images alone

I know you are probably asking yourself “what is he even saying?” yes, images are media but multimedia goes beyond the use of images. Instead of focusing on images alone that may cause your website to lag to tell the story, try audio and video messages that do not interfere with the loading speed of your website yet pass a more vivid message about your business.

Example: you can use an image to draw the attention of your audience but use a video to explain in detail.

Don’t be in a hurry to launch your website, do a test run it first

Who said you have to wait until you finish designing your website before testing it. It will save you time, energy and resources to always test run your website after completing every significant step. Even when you are designing your website online, test running your website will help you discover certain glitches and fix them in due time.

Don’t design more than three clicks navigation

This is very vital for a business website; you do not want to lose a valuable customer because he had difficulty finding his way around. When designing a website there are certain things that should not be hard to find. They include: your menu icon, your search icon and your “call to action”. These items listed above serve as facilitators and having them at the wrong places could be detrimental to your business website.

ABOUT AUTHOR: Junaid Ali Qureshi

Junaid Ali Qureshi

Juniad is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform the competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include Progostech, Magento, eLabelz, Smart, Progos Tech and eCig.

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