DeveloperWeek 2018: Biggest Names in Development Industry – Part 1
DeveloperWeek 2018 which is the largest world expo in the industry of development recently has taken place in Oakland, California. Have a look at the names that were listed among 2018 award winners and see what makes these companies so outstanding.
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DeveloperWeek 2018: Biggest Names in Development Industry – Part 1

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Feb 21 2018 | byNatalia Kukushkina

We always keep an eye on big industry events and of course we could not ignore the DeveloperWeek 2018 that recently took place in Oakland, California. DeveloperWeek is the largest world expo in the industry of development and it focuses on the cutting-edge technologies and innovations. The list of past event hosts and supporters includes such names as Google, Facebook, IBM, Yelp and other industry giants. So it’s obviously interesting to have a look at the names that were listed among 2018 award winners and see what makes these companies so outstanding.

Blockchain/ Cryptocurrency Development


AirTM logo

Make money your friend again

For the users, AirTM is a cloud USD account that enables them to deposit or withdraw local currency to and from their account.  It also allows easily sending or receiving dollar payments and overall is a fast and easy way to make and receive dollar payments.

What’s left behind the scenes is the fact that AirTM basically runs on bitcoin and that’s what makes it so cool. The trustworthy cashiers who process the users’ deposits and transactions are all bitcoiners and they convert bitcoin to USD in their Uphold account. As a result, AirTM greatly increased the demand for bitcoin in all markets where AirTM operates and the number keeps growing. Besides, AirTM positively affects bitcoin adaptation and that’s the reason the team won its award.  How AirTM works?

Javascript Technology


AnyChart logo

JavaScript Charts designed to be embedded and integrated

AnyChart is a graphics software development company that provides a wide array of products that are used by the world-leading companies such as Oracle or 3M. The company offers data visualization solutions like charts, graphs and many more.

AnyChart is a lightweight JavaScript library that’s been out there since 2003. Company’s main products are AnyChart, AnyStock (real-time data-streaming charts), AnyMap and AnyGantt (for Gantt charts). And considering the impressive number of AnyChart clients and their flexible and efficient products, no wonder the company received the award for best innovation in JS technology.  AnyChart preview

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning


Butterfly logo

Your personal leadership coach

Butterfly Network shook the world with its revolutionary ultrasound tool iQ that’s powered by AI. The tool is handheld, the ultrasound results can be shown right away on the iPhone and the best thing about it is the price – it starts from under $2k. While the ultrasound machines used in medicine today cost something about $100k, Butterfly offers more accurate, precise and efficient tool and all that for an unbelievably low price.

Butterfly uses “ultrasound on the chip” and due to 10,000 micro-machined ultrasound transducers, it’s possible to scan the whole body within a single probe. And due to AI capability, the tool can detect disease within a few seconds, so Butterfly indeed created a breakthrough in the field of medicine.  Butterfly preview

Platform-as-a-Service Flow logo

Digital Transformation suite positions itself as “cloud-based API-first enterprise suite” and it offers digital products and solutions to the most innovative companies, including the ones from Fortune 500. Speaking about Flow, it is an integration-as-a-service platform for APIs that is aimed at connecting people and businesses. Flows allows quick integration of your business apps, automation of recurrent tasks and elimination of manual processes. It increases business efficiency, offers IoT utilization and is recognized as a great tool for any business – so you may want to pay attention to it as well.  Builtio Flow Entreprise Gateway

Mobile Development


Codebashing logo

Vulnerability prevention dream team

Checkmarx well played on one of the biggest issues of modern IT world – application security testing. There was a gap between the vision of app security specialists and developers (first ones see it as a necessity while second ones consider it a burden) and Checkmarx developed a solution that is both time-saving and delivering value.

The issue with app security lies in the fact that app security should start right from the development stage and many developers simply lack the necessary skills. Codebashing is integrated into the CxSAST UI and when a developer encounters any security vulnerability, Codebashing allows immediately activating the necessary learning lesson and getting back to work with new knowledge on how to solve the issue.  Codebashing login In Part 2 I will continue our overview of DeveloperWeek Awards so stay updated and subscribe to our news to keep up with the latest news from the world of developing!

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