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Aug 08 2019 | byNatalia Kukushkina

Custom HR Software Development: Tips and Insights

Custom HR Software is designed to help businesses reduce workload and optimize recruitment tasks.

Since it’s powered by AI and ML technologies, such software is capable of taking care of a bunch of HR-related processes, like resume screening or automation of the assessment process. Not only does it deliver a new intelligent approach towards work with the candidates but also helps save a lot of time and match the candidate and the position in a more accurate manner.

Custom Applicant Tracking System

A Custom Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a specialized software that helps HR specialists track the applicants in a more accurate manner. In addition,  ATS centralizes the candidates’ data and grants you instant access to any profile.

The biggest features of Applicant Tracking System:

  • Full automation of the screening process
  • Full automation of the assessment process
  • Standardization and centralization of workflows
  • Instant access to fast, reliable, and scalable HR data warehouse
  • Easy management of data and resources

ATS in numbers Because we use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for CV screening, we get more precise results and thus, help companies find the perfect candidates faster and easier.

Custom Job Boards

Find your perfect candidates faster with highly intuitive and user-friendly custom job board! 

This solution connects your business and the best talents out there with the help of the latest technologies used. No more mundane operations – time to switch to a hassle-free job posting and applicants’ management.

The biggest features of the Custom Job Board:

  • Full access to the CV database 
  • Advanced CV search tools (by category, experience, keyword)
  • Easy job posting
  • Automated job alerts
  • Comprehensive employer’s dashboard

Job board in numbers

Turning an idea into a working project

To create awesome software, companies must use the best technologies and tools available. 

Here is how companies put their AI-based projects into action:

  • Deploy data extraction/data mining technologies to collect the required data
  • Use AI technology to extract needed information from the CVs or job descriptions
  • Crawl the data from other boards to further use it in marketing purposes
  • Use Machine Learning and NLP technologies to estimate how well a CV matches a position

But actions speak louder than words - so here is a quick overview of one of our projects. ATS based on AI case Our client requested us to developer an Applicant Tracking System to ease the work of HR specialists and fill in the positions faster. For that, we used ML and built an engine that would match the candidate’s skills with the position. As well, we used the text analytics technology to convert the text data from job descriptions and candidates’ profiles into the format that is accepted by our engine. And to make the whole system more comprehensive, we suggested adding the API connections for simultaneous publishing of jobs on numerous boards.

Project tech stack included MongoDB, React, Material-UI, IBM Loopback, Neo4J.

About Dashbouquet

We love the fact that our clients always come back to us in case they need help or advice – that’s the best indicator of our reliability and expertise. But that’s not all we got to impress you.

At DashBouquet, we firmly believe in four things:

Integration - Solution can be integrated with other existing software

Mobility - Native apps for iOS and Android platforms

Security - Cloud-based solution to store data secure

Scalability - Scalable solution for growing data

And that's not another pretty marketing content to persuade you to get in touch with us. 

The thing is, there is no quality without a good strategy. We got one and we stick to it - and our clients’ reviews on Clutch serve as clear evidence of us going the right way.