Branded Mobile App for Automobile Business
The increase of smartphones usage has complicated automobile sales. 97% of consumers arrive at dealerships after online research. What they want now, it is an access to virtual dealership experience: competitive inventory, dealer information, pricing, payment options and much more.
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Jul 24 2017 | byAnton Shaleynikov

The overall use of smartphones and tablets is something you obviously can’t ignore. Same goes for growing popularity of app-based services. Of course, customers still would love to visit car dealer show-room or browse a website for new car models. But it’s just not enough these days. Modern gadgets are tend to be a powerful marketing platform.

Technology is constantly revolutionizing the way customers interact with automobile business: they now select, shop, and pay for their purchases just by tapping on their smartphones. Companies try their best to ease the shopping experience of their customers and also to build long-lasting relationships with them.

Over the previous years, the increase of smartphones use has made automobile sales more complex and client-friendly. Consumers now have an access to virtual dealership experience with search engines and apps that contain competitive inventory, dealer information, pricing, payment options and much more.

The best way to target and sell at this point is to have a customizable dealership branded app. Customers should be able to download and explore this app in order to view dealer’s product inventory and services, book appointments, conduct purchases and more. By providing tools that help customers with their daily lives, the company increases customer retention.

It is an opportunity for the business to be discovered. With geo-targeted notifications, you can send specific information about new launches and car services to customers located in a particular area. Modify app content on the real time basis and use push notifications to inform customers about the reception of new vehicles, offers and limited promotions. Mobile payments also provide convenience for customers and efficiency for a service departments.

Brand Reinforcement

Customized mobile app will enhance business’s visibility and increase its accessibility to current and potential clients. It will sync car dealer with the on-the-go consumers who prefer getting everything with one touch of a mobile device. Such app can give you a perspective on increasing customer loyalty.

And don’t forget: customers tend to choose the company that offers them the easiest and most efficient service. If an app is clear and appealing, client will remember that for sure and will link this efficiency to a brand. This is how you make your brand stand out and be memorized by the client – you are letting them know that your company is a pleasure to work with.

Customer Engagement

An app will give easy access to all the inventory. Any new launches, sales, events, or discount codes offered by a company would be right at customers’ fingertips. Push notifications of the app will bring the seller closer to customer interaction, with regular updates about products and services. By being able to manage all suggested services in their own smartphones, clients will feel more involved with an automobile business and this will contribute greatly to their attitude towards a brand.


Surely, such app is an investment. Investment that can boost sales. It's not only about reaching new customers, but going back to the old customers who haven’t been in touch for some time. Doesn’t matter how big or small a dealership is when you can virtually access your customers with an app in real time.

Customer Retention

Such an app is also a constant communication with customers. In-app messaging service is a great way of updating them about the latest features, answering their queries, or just saying hello. The effort that you put in towards keeping users informed will go a long way in building a loyal user base.

Customized app is a way to match all dealer’s needs and brand identity.


The core of the app – its services aka “what it can do”. Choose the ones that feel right for your product and don’t feel nervous about doing that: you can always remove and add any features that you want because it’s natural that you want to see what works the best. The possible services for an app may include:

  • Service appointment requests & booking
  • Predictive service reminders via push notification
  • Notification when car is ready after being serviced
  • Browse all info for new and pre-owned vehicles
  • Book a test drive
  • Request trade in value
  • Vehicle inspection registration and reminder
  • View service history
  • One click calling (linked to phone number)
  • Sort and search for vehicles based on brand, year, and price
  • Customize car and in-app purchase (list of cars is shown based on selected features with high quality pics)


You don’t want your clients to perform a hundred actions in order to obtain the information they are looking for. Make it easy for them and store everything in the app. One touch and your client has all the data they need in front of them. How convenient does it sound?

  • Dealers contact info by department – email, phone, chat
  • Address/hours of operation
  • Roadside assistance call button & information
  • Store personal/vehicle information

Deals, News & Social Media

In order to keep communication between business and the client going and steady, make sure they receive the latest news and updates on your product and services. So important to make clients to feel special by sending them personal notifications about promotions on their smartphones. Besides, they will not have to spend their time looking for the news and will have everything in one place.

  • Push notify special deals & promotions based on GPS
  • Promotions based on customer’s vehicle profile
  • News update & recall notifications
  • Social media integration

Admin panel

You want to have control over an app and processes and it can be easily done with the help of admin panel in the app. Manage requests, get statistics, see the leads and downloads and much more. Be aware of what’s going on and timely react on any action from the client side.

  • App analytics (downloads, usage tracking, leads & service request tracking)
  • Cloud-based interface
  • Manage service booking & test drive requests
  • Integration into your current dealership systems, including your DMS, CRM

It all may sound scary, however, if you find a company that has expertise and skills, they will break it down for you into steps and together you will gradually build an app that would 100% satisfy your needs.

At DashBouquet we have worked with the clients who needed their app to be customized and we can proudly say that it has been an incredibly productive and efficient collaboration. It’s not only because of experience and skills, it’s also because we see our clients as members of our team and together we are aiming for the best results.

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