How Much Does It Cost to Build an App? Use Money Efficiently with MVP (part 2)
How exactly does MVP benefit you? With MVP you will obtain timely feedback about the product from the users and will be able to fix any bugs on the spot. MVP is perfect for checking your idea straight away without spending too much time and money.
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How Much Does It Cost to Build an App? Use Money Efficiently with MVP (part 2)

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Feb 17 2017 | byDmitry Budko

The only way to win is to learn faster than anyone else.

Eric Ries

We introduce you to the second part of our article devoted to MVP, where we are going to give more recommendations on the topic. Building MVP is an essential part of app development. Even if your idea seems great, it does not mean it will work efficiently in real-time conditions.

Do not stick too much to fancy UI and cool designs - it doesn’t make any sense on this stage. It just needs to be good-looking. 

MVP assumes set of features that fulfil minimal functional requirements and are able to satisfy potential users. On this stage, functionality is more important than fancy design. It should look nice enough to attract users with friendly interface and transparent logic of usage. Tricks that improve app appearance and user experience look great, but on MVP stage are useless.

Save budget for marketing. Test your MVP on real users. Get real customers on board. Start making business instead of running a startup.

MVP approach does not include big marketing campaign. Introduce your product to your potential customers straight away. You should not spend too much time on this stage. MVP means testing your idea, getting feedback from real users and proceed to the next stage - making business from your product. Successfully tested prototype can give you an opportunity to attract financial resources and develop your MVP into a full-scale project.

Use our MVP for fixed price service.

DashBouquet offers MVP for fixed price. This option fits perfectly for startups, when it is necessary to test your hypothesis and learn about your potential users’ habits to make a decision. We think that developing a minimum viable product is an important step in the process of building your app. Our MVP calculator tool shows provisional cost of your app. Check our page for MVP, where you can estimate your idea.

Check it now!

 Launch earlier, fail earlier, learn and repeat.

Be quick. Nowadays business cycle is rolling fast. You should be ready for unsuccessful results from the first ride. Meanwhile launching your product earlier means failing earlier. Learn from your failure, fix all errors and repeat until you get a result that will satisfy you and the users.

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