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Oct 11 2017 | byNatalia Kukushkina

Trackener - The Future of Equine Care

One of the coolest projects that we work on is Trackener - an amazing IoT device for horse owners and carers to 24/7 monitor horse’s health and behavior. And we are super excited to announce that our client started a preorder campaign!

This is a really big step forward because this device is essential for all those who want to take better care of their horse. It 24/7 analyzes your horse’s activity, location, movement, behaviour, and heart rate and sends all the data to you. It can be placed in the comfortable lycra bib or in the girth strap while your horse is in the field or stable, or during exercise sessions. Trackener has a Life app part that gives you useful insights about your horse’s life wherever you are and it also sends real-time alerts in case of critical issues.

Trackener team also presents Trackener Ride app, which enables horse owners to analyze all their rides. It is a standalone app, which is already on the Appstore and Google Play.

We are really glad and proud to be part of this bigbang project.

Check out a video presentation made by Trackener team and place your order now!