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Feb 13 2018 | byNatalia Kukushkina

Trackener: How we Made our Client Happy and Experience – Stronger

We have already written about Trackener – an awesome IoT app for equine care that lets you monitor your horse and its health and behavior 24/7. The project turned out to be really exciting so today we want to share client’s feedback on our work and our achievements.

What we did and how we did it

The client needed help with implementing a new version of the existing mobile app by migrating a legacy version to React Native.

Before that our team developed the application by using React Native. We took charge for everything, from DevOps to backend and frontend development. In addition to that, we also worked a bit on a small RN app that was previously deployed.

It’s worth saying that the client noted our expertise in React Native, which we are proud of. Considering the rise of RN popularity, for us, it’s important to excel our skills and gain more experience in this area.

What we achieved

In about a month we presented a basic and complete solution with both backend and frontend and the client was able to test it. We were also able to identify some bugs that the client was not able to find and overall we left a good impression with our flexibility and dedication to work.

Read a full review here Review preview To sum up, Trackener is a really exciting project that every horse owner should consider getting. From our side, it was a pleasure to work on it and we are looking forward to further collaboration with the client, big thanks for the feedback!