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Feb 13 2018 | byNatalia Kukushkina

Solution for Analyst Company from DashBouquet

We continue to post positive feedback from our clients and case studies of our successful projects. Such reviews are not a simple “thank you” – they serve as a proof that we have expertise in certain areas and we’ll be glad to use our skills and knowledge in similar projects in order to excel.

About the client

Our client is an industry analyst company that specializes in developer research. It means the company collects the data about developers and produces reports for such giants as Facebook and Amazon. Client has his own infrastructure and has a dual role in the company: he works on building infrastructure as a member of the development team and at the same time consults with clients as part of the analysts' team.

Because the company deals with the great amount of data and it has to process and manage it efficiently, the client requested an infrastructure management solution from us.

We previously worked with the client on a couple of projects. For the first one we built a static website with the help of GatsbyJS and for the second we built a CMS, using the same technology and Caas called So now it was time for us to solve another challenge for the client.

Our results and feedback

When we started using GatsbyJS, it was a new technology so we faced some issues with the early releases. However, it served as an advantage in terms of modifying the website so the project really turned out to be a success.

With our help and due to simplifications that we made to the pages, our client increased conversions for people that came to the landing pages by almost 20% - and it’s really cool! What’s also cool is feedback the client gave to us: he says he was impressed by our developer being able to debug really deep into a framework that he was not quite familiar with and quickly solving the problem.

Read a full review here Review preview We are pleased to hear about efficient and high-quality work of our team and we hope we’ll collaborate more in the future! And even though your project is something new to us, we are always willing to learn – and that’s one more thing our client stated in his review. Thanks for amazing feedback once again!