React-Hipsplate: DashBouquet Contributes to Open Source
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React-Hipsplate: DashBouquet Contributes to Open Source

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Aug 08 2017 | byVitaly Shalak

DashBouquet did the first step in the open source contribution. It’s a ReactJS full-stack boilerplate based on typescript with ssr, custom apollo-server and huge stack of modern utilities. It can help you to start your own project in one command line.

Github open source

Why you need it

I will give you three reasons why this boilerplate is worthwhile.

  1. This boilerplate allows you not to spend big amount of time to start a new project based on such popular library as React. It helps to reduce time on selection of required components, utilities and modules. More important it will save your time on combining elements. We’ve tried to put together, to my mind, the the most relevant and needed components for modern web app development.
  2. Our boilerplate stands for substantial variation and simplicity in development process. If you don’t like some element, just don’t use it, or remove it from the project or on the contrary add something new.
  3. React-hipstaplate,supported by such powerful utilities as Redux devtools, Apollo Redux and GraphiQL, gives you knowledge on what is going on in your app.

Where to use

React-hipstaplate can be used for any type of web applications. We are talking about small apps with couple of pages, powerful admin panels and giant news portals. Due to Next.js and SSR (Server Side Rendering) technology you don’t need to worry about SEO and your app promotion in search engines.

For whom

React-hipstalate is oriented on front/back-end specialists familiar with React and Express, regardless of their level. It is for developers who are willing to have in their tech stack the most relevant technologies in terms of JavaScript applications. Boilerplate contains all needed examples of components and modules, and also examples of their interaction and testing to start development process.


React-hipstaplate uses TypeScript as a programming language together with pure functions style philosophy as a basic method for building components and application modules. Strong typing of Typescript and pure functions allow to avoid undesirable side effects and to make code readable and self-documenting. It will give a control on what’s going on inside the app. For sure, each developer is free to write his code in the most pleasant way. These technologies are more recommendations rather than strict instructions.

React-hipstaplate has a ready-to-use server based on Express, Apollo Server and GraphQL. Such solution allows to type all queries and makes impossible all errors with incorrect (different) type description on the client and server sides. It allows you to form queries of any complexity, in order to reduce their quantity (rather than REST approach) by significant amount The server also contains several examples with local data where you can easily add your favorite database.

JavaScript hipsters need your feedback and stars!

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