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May 22 2018 | byRoman Kuntsevich

Our success with E-commerce platform and great review from the client

At DashBouquet we tend to focus on a few specific technologies and master them. Such approach allows us to excel our skills and knowledge and results into great feedback from satisfied clients. We are glad we were able to help with a challenging issue and we are sharing the case with you!

About the client and the challenge

Our client’s company manufactures and provides a huge variety of nutritional supplements. Since the company is quite big, no wonder it has an E-commerce platform and such platforms constantly require non-stop support and improvement in correspondence with latest trends and user demands.

The client needed some help with implementing a number of software initiatives with focus on the platform. He especially needed developers with expertise in React.js and Ruby on Rails and we gladly offered him our help.

Our work and results

According to the client, we were chosen due to our professionalism so we did our best in order to keep up with and exceed the client’s expectations. We had a one-month testing period and it resulted into an ongoing relationship with the team from the client side.

In addition to building and expanding the platform, we also conducted A/B testing, altered the existing analytics, provided end-to-end marketing automation and improved the checkout process across the entire stack. We also created a custom CMS, improved the UI and worked a bit of magic on the backend.

As a result, the platform by now has processed more than 100,000 orders and works with millions in revenue – and all that with no bugs and as smooth as possible!

Read a full review here


We were pleased to hear that the client is especially satisfied with our level of communication and proficiency. We will continue our work on the platform and we hope to face more challenges ahead in order to solve them and help our client take his business and processes to the next level. Thank you for your feedback and for choosing us!