🔥Hot news! Our client Pyroscope was acquired by Grafana Labs to add continuous profiling to its projects
We recently helped our client Pyroscope deliver an advanced continuous profiling platform revolutionizing the market. Now we are pleased to announce that Pyroscope was acquired by Grafana Labs🔥 Learn more about this news and our involvement.

🔥Hot news! Our client Pyroscope was acquired by Grafana Labs to add continuous profiling to its projects

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Our client Pyroscope was acquired by Grafana Labs
Apr 14 2023 | byPolina Morozova

We are happy to announce that our client Pyroscope has recently been acquired by Grafana Labs, the leading provider of analytics, monitoring, and visualization software. Grafana Labs owns Grafana, Tempo, Mimir, and Loki, the leading open-source solutions to analyze and visualize operational data. Founded in 2014, the company has attracted $535.2 million over 5 rounds.

“We’ve admired the work that the Pyroscope team has done, and feel that the combination of Pyroscope, Phlare, and Grafana will really help bring continuous profiling to the masses.” —Tom Wilkie, CTO at Grafana Labs.

At Dashbouquet, we helped develop Pyroscope, an advanced continuous profiling platform that enables DevOps teams to easily determine how much infrastructure resources a given part of a software product is consuming at any particular time.

Launched in 2020, this innovative solution allows for identifying and debugging performance issues across code, infrastructure, and continuous integration (CI) / deployment (CD) pipelines. With the Pyroscope open-source tool, it is possible to easily discover the problem’s root causes.

In any company, having a clear view of infrastructure resources’ utilization and allocating them efficiently are critical to reducing costs and ensuring a great user experience. However, as IT and application environments are becoming more complex, using traditional tools that monitor multiple predefined metrics is no longer enough to achieve end-to-end observability of resource consumption.

The system makes regular snapshots of the entire infrastructure, collecting and visualizing data for analysis. Known as Sampling Profiling, this method does not produce additional load and can be employed even after app release.

Partnering with Pyroscope, we implemented a significant number of core features. For instance, we created agents for the necessary languages, from which performance data was gathered. Our engineers also wrote a continuous profiler for Node.js. Furthermore, we completed plenty of tasks upon the requests of Pyroscope’s clients — well-known Silicon Valley companies, which contributed to further acquisition by Grafana Labs.

As a result, the client managed to increase revenue by 2x and the number of daily active users by 30%. Backed by Y Combinator, the US startup raised a seed round in 2021. Polkadot, SensorTower, Confluent, Plaid, and Line Corporation have already integrated Pyroscope.

To learn more about the project and our involvement, read the case study.

“Pyroscope helps get a real-time view of resource consumption, improve resilience, and build performant apps. I’m proud we’ve made Pyroscope easy to use by everyone. With a super intuitive interface, there is no need to train employees to interact with the tool.” —Dmitry Budzko, CEO at Dashbouquet Development, LLC.

Grafana Labs believes that continuous profiling, followed by logs, traces, and metrics, is the fourth pillar of observability. At the moment, Grafana plans to merge Pyroscope with its Phlare database for continuous profiling.

“We share with Grafana Labs strong roots in OSS and a belief that the developer experience is essential for helping engineering teams build, maintain, and operate great software. We’re excited to bring our expertise and collaborate with the team.” —Ryan Perry, Co-founder and CEO of Pyroscope.

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