MVP for Startups: Save on Time, Effort and Money
Estimate your new startup or check the cost of your previos project with our new app. MVP calculator allows you to choose the main features step by step, shows the price of each step and overall project cost.
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MVP for Startups: Save on Time, Effort and Money

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Feb 03 2017 | byNatalia Kukushkina

Many companies underestimate MVP and its value. But before we dig in, first let’s define the MVP term. It is a minimum viable product with “enough features to gather validated learning about the product and its continued development” (Wikipedia). How exactly does it benefit you?

With MVP you will obtain timely feedback about the product from the users and will be able to fix any bugs on the spot. MVP is perfect for checking your idea straight away without spending too much time and money.

MVP is not aimed at fully satisfying the customer; rather, it allows adding more features and improve the product before releasing it. So you are adding value at each development stage and upon release, the product is 100% complete.

The main idea of MVP is not to make your app too complicated, but to test its basic concept. The set of features should be as small as possible in order to avoid waste of resources, but it should be enough for the users to use and estimate it. Are you convinced to try it? Then at DashBouquet we have a proposal for you!

We have developed an MVP calculator that calculates the approximate cost of your MVP depending on its components. You can choose the desired platform, media options, amount of screens and much more. Depending on that, we will calculate how much the MVP development would cost you.

Check it now! 

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