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Apr 29 2017 | byAnton Shaleynikov

MVP Calculator from DashBouquet: Updated!

We have already spoken about MVP and its importance. If you feel like you need to refresh your memory, read this article on MVP and its meaning for your budget and time saving. As well we’ve wrote an article about our MVP calculator – an essential tool to calculate your budget, construct your perfect MVP and assess time and money that you will have to spend. 

Our calculator allows you to design your MVP by choosing the components you wish to have, desirable platform, level of design complexity and much more. And now we have great news – we’ve updated our calculator and made it even more cool and convenient for your use!

Firstly, we made it much more user-friendly. Now you are able to see how many steps are left and you can skip any step. As well, you can change your team, add more members or remove them and overall play around with the number of people involved in your project, depending on your needs. And of course, you can now download a PDF-file with your final MVP calculation for your convenience.

Secondly, and in our opinion, most importantly, we’ve introduced calculation of project duration depending on the team and your MVP. Now at the end of designing your dream team and your MVP you will be able to see not only the cost for MVP development but also approximate time, needed to complete the project. We think this feature is really critical as it allows you to estimate your resources and manage your marketing more efficiently.

We are open to any comments so if you have an idea of what else can be improved, contact us via contact form on the website! We hope our MVP calculator will become a useful tool for the development of your future projects.

Check it now!