Meet Dashbouquet at Cloud Expo Europe Frankfurt | 10-11 May 2023See you in a week at Cloud Expo Frankfurt! Let's meet and discuss your business growth through tech.
Meet Dashbouquet at Cloud Expo Europe Frankfurt | 10-11 May 2023
May 05 2023 | by Polina Morozova

We’re happy to announce that we will be attending the Cloud Expo Europe Frankfurt on 10-11 May 2023. As one of the leading events for cloud technology in Germany, this conference promises to bring together the best of cloud innovators, technology experts, and business leaders to shape the future and achieve successful digital transformation.

Dashbouquet is honored to have been invited by our partners Digital Ocean to attend this conference with over 400 exhibitors and more than 13,000 expected attendees. This event presents a great opportunity for us to showcase our expertise and services in custom web and mobile development.

At Dashbouquet Development, we pride ourselves on our ability to leverage cutting-edge technologies to build robust web and mobile apps that solve complex business problems. With years of experience helping startups and SMEs in various industries, including Healthcare, eCommerce, HR, and Fintech, we believe we have a lot to offer to the attendees of Cloud Expo Europe Frankfurt.

“We are excited to learn from the industry's top leaders and innovators, network with like-minded professionals, and showcase our capabilities to potential clients and partners. We believe that attending this conference will provide us with valuable insights into the latest trends and technologies in cloud computing, which will enable us to better serve our clients and stay ahead of the curve.” according to Art Kobiashov, Head of Sales at Dashbouquet.

We are looking forward to meeting with other industry leaders and sharing our experiences and knowledge with them. Whether you are a startup, SME, or established enterprise looking to leverage the power of cloud computing, we are excited to meet and discuss your needs and how we can help you achieve your business goals.

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