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Jan 10 2017 | byNatalia Kukushkina

What do we do?

First things first, let us introduce ourselves. Dashboquet is a Belarusian company, founded in 2014 in Minsk. Our team develops mobile and web apps for the worldwide innovators. Unlike other developers, we use limited amount of tools that we utilize in the right way. This helps us meet the requirements of the most demanding clients - software startups, enterprises and entrepreneurs.

Why do we blog?

We want to share with you our ideas and recommendations, based on our real experience and practice. This includes our experience in terms of tech solutions, tips and advice in terms of software development and best business practices that we learnt throughout our work process.

We value your feedback! Don't hesitate to leave your comments below the articles and share the articles that you like in your social networks. We will be glad to know that you like our blog and we always want to hear back from you.

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