Dashbouquet Development: Embracing Innovation at VivaTech 2023 in Paris | June 14-17See you in a day at VivaTech 2023 in Paris! Let's meet and talk about tech solutions and business growth.
Meet Dashbouquet at VivaTech in Paris, June 14-17, 2023
Jun 13 2023 | by Polina Morozova

Dashbouquet is now gearing up for an exciting new endeavor - attending VivaTech 2023 in Paris, one of the most prestigious conferences in the tech industry.

Exploring VivaTech 2023

VivaTech, an annual technology conference held in Paris, brings together startups, tech enthusiasts, investors, and industry leaders from around the globe. With over 2,000 startups, ranging from early-stage to unicorns and centaurs, and more than 1,700 investors including venture capitalists, investment funds, and angels, VivaTech offers an unparalleled opportunity for Dashbouquet Development to connect and collaborate with a diverse range of professionals.

Attending VivaTech 2023 opens up avenues for Dashbouquet Development to build strategic partnerships with other tech companies, startups, and potential clients. The conference's extensive attendee list presents opportunities to connect with innovative startups seeking development expertise and potential investors looking for promising projects.

One of the highlights of VivaTech 2023 is the presence of renowned speakers who share their insights and experiences. This year, the conference boasts a lineup of esteemed personalities including Elon Musk (Tesla, SpaceX, Twitter), Marc Benioff (the Chair, CEO, and Co-Founder of Salesforce), and Emmanuel Macron (President of France), etc.

Apart from the professional benefits, attending VivaTech 2023 is a source of inspiration and motivation for Dashbouquet's team. We believe the conference's vibrant atmosphere, filled with enthusiastic individuals and groundbreaking innovations, will foster the passion for creating exceptional digital experiences.

If you're planning to visit VivaTech 2023 this week, do not hesitate to contact us and discuss how we can help address your business needs through innovative tech solutions.

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