DashBouquet Earns Series of High Marks from Clients
DashBouquet takes a moment to share the feedback received from clients recently as part of company's coverage on the independent ratings and reviews site, Clutch.co.
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Mar 22 2017 | byAnton Shaleynikov

We want to take a moment to share the feedback we’ve received from clients recently as part of our coverage on the independent ratings and reviews site, Clutch.co. We’re ecstatic to hear about our clients’ high levels of satisfaction and have taken away a few new ideas on how we can continue to improve our service and make our clients even happier!  Clients say we deliver on clutch

Clutch conducts research and compiles ratings in the B2B space, including coverage of Eastern European development companies like us. They’ve interviewed half a dozen of our clients so far who have all had very positive feedback. We’re very appreciative of our clients’ time and their willingness to speak about their experience in detail. They’ve described why they chose to work with us and what has been most rewarding about our partnership – it’s great to hear their perspective.

For instance, the co-founder of a car sharing app remarked that we, “had an understanding of the whole business and how all of [his company’s] technology works, so they could do their work in a much more effective way.”

Another client shared an experience dating back to his first interactions our CEO when he said, “the thing that really impressed me in particular about Anton, who was the project lead, was that he was able to look at the requirements and the specs and actually see through to what a better set of specs would be and how to get there.” That same client also awarded us a perfect score as seen below.

The reviews incorporate star ratings across several factors. All our feedback scores have been strong, but there’s no way to top our marks received from Greg Ristow, whose music platform we helped build from the ground up:

Client's review on clutch
Greg’s full review and other client reviews are available on our profile so please take a look at those. We also have several case studies and testimonials, including a case study covering the same project described above. Additionally, we want to thank our clients who have chosen to participate in the research and all of our clients who have chosen us as development partners. Finally, you can learn more about how we’ve been evaluated by checking out Clutch.co.

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