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May 22 2019 | byNatalia Kukushkina

DashBouquet Contributes to Data Visualization Project

At Dashbouquet, we are involved in different types of project and this time we received incredibly positive feedback from one of our recent clients who is working on data visualization platform.

About the client

The client is a CTO of a data analysis and software development company based in the UK.  What the company does is compiling, processing and analyzing the government data to present it to the users in a clear and understandable manner. For that, the company needed a dashboard platform and requested our help.

Our results and feedback

Being chosen from about eight different agencies, both from the UK and Europe, we were incredibly honored and excited to start the project. Thanks to our expertise in Python and data visualization, we quickly understood what the client needed and got down to work.

The initial request was to build a data analysis and visualization platform. We took it further and added the data upload and calculation features. As well, we are working on developing the separate interfaces: for the users and the client’s team members.

Right from the project start, we ensured the transparent and seamless communication process and the client appreciated it a lot. In the review, the client emphasized how well communication was organized, despite the differences in time zones.

As well, the client highlighted our level of expertise, saying he was more than satisfied with the results of our mutual work. And because the project is still in the development stage, we are glad to say we will continue our work with the client to expand the platform’s functionality and add more awesome features to it.

Thanks once more for choosing us – we are glad to prove your point with the quality of our work.  Urbix review on Clutch Read the full review here.

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