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Apr 10 2019 | byNatalia Kukushkina

Dashbouquet Collaborated with UX Agency to Deliver Stellar Results

All our clients are well aware that at Dashbouquet we always strive for the best quality. Together with the UX agency, we created some great mobile apps with amazing performance.

About the client

Our client focuses on delivering responsive and appealing UX for the customers. However, the company did not have enough resources to provide the equally good quality of the actual app development so they had to look for an app development company to collaborate.

Our results and feedback

Dashbouquet provided backend and frontend development to the client. We closely worked with the client’s team and together discussed concepts and the final product vision to ensure we are on the same track.

The client was impressed with our flexibility and readiness to communicate, discuss, test, and adapt to the changing requirements and tasks. We have shown a high level of commitment and agreed on constant product testing to ensure high quality of the apps.

The client also noticed how involved our project coordinators were. At Dashbouquet, we believe it’s vital to keep the communication with the client transparent and on a regular basis, this is why we pay so much attention to the tasks that are performed by our project coordinator.

One more thing that the client noticed about our mutual work is flexibility that we showed when choosing tools and platforms to work with. Even though we prefer a narrow focus on specific tools, we are always open to trying new things if they are guaranteed to work better.

Summing up, it has been a great pleasure of working together with this client. We thank him for the review of our work and are looking forward to more mutual projects in the future.  Web development for UX design firm

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