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Feb 06 2018 | byNatalia Kukushkina

Awesome Feedback + Case Study from the Client: Thank you!

It’s always great to receive positive feedback about your work because that’s what we strive for: to make our clients happy by offering them high-quality solution. Today we want to share one of our client’s review with you because it’s not only feedback but also a little case study about the challenges that we overcame together.

The client and the challenges

Our client works both as a data company and in the sphere of social media influencer. Among the company services are data analytics, app development and further support of the product. With such large scope of work, it’s critical that our client remains competitive and utilizes the best tools in order to keep the quality of the services and products.

What our client requested was developing a brand-new version of the company mobile app. The client, being a coder himself, already started to draft the project and after we hopped in, we planned various iterations and together decided on a methodology to monitor and distribute our weekly work and tasks.

DashBouquet team still works on app development. The client developed the backend part on Firebase and the frontend part uses React, Redox and Typescript.

Our results and feedback

Overall our team has committed roughly 70,000 lines of code for our project.

We were especially pleased to hear that the client described us as “flexible and open” and also noticed that we consistently pointed out places that could be improved or added to the work.

You can read the full review here. Review preview As for us, it was and is still a great pleasure to work at this project and apply all our skills and knowledge to make it shine. Thanks for the great review! We’ll keep doing our best and not only for you but also for every client out there who decides to work with us.