What Questions Should You Ask Before Hiring an Expert Team? (part 2)
Some principles of communication between business partners should be based on. DashBouquet came up with some points that are worth paying attention to.
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What Questions Should You Ask Before Hiring an Expert Team? (part 2)

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Jan 27 2017 | byNatalia Kukushkina

Surround yourself with the best people you can find, delegate authority, and don't interfere as long as the policy you've decided upon is being carried out.

Ronald Reagan 

While we keep discussing this topic, we want to focus on one more point. It’s not about kind of questions you should ask, but on the essence of communication between you and your possible partner. We came up with some more points that are worth paying attention to.

Keep an eye on:

  1. Speed of response- if the company responds promptly it means they tend to be more competitive and more qualified;
  2. Clarity of response;
  3. Correspondence of provided answer to your question

These are the three points on which communication between a client and a contractor company should be based on in any business sphere. It is obvious that nobody wants to wait hours or even days to get a call back. Poor response time has a straight impact on quality of service and quality perception. Their skills and experience in Javascript or Swift, for example, will not matter much to you if the company is not able to keep in touch timely and provide you with information about the project status.

What you need is estimation of their willingness to communicate with you constantly, responsiveness to your feedback and timely announcements on the progress of your project. Good project management is based on appropriate communication.

Relationships work better than written contracts - try to establish and maintain goodwill of doing everything possible for your project from your team side.

Business communication is not about companies, it is about people. Establishing relationships is really important in negotiation. You should feel comfortable throughout the working process with the other company. Therefore, both sides of the deal are responsible for establishing such relationship. If you are not ready to prove your goodwill, you have no right to require it from your business partner.

DashBouquet is a team of professionals. If you want to complete your project within specifications and on time, our company can empower your team with our high quality developers who have strong competence in Javascript and Swift. This option allows you to reduce your costs on internal development and efficiently manage your project timelines. We always keep in touch with our clients to make sure we are on the right way. We focus on high quality project management and commitment in terms of number of hours for different portions of the project.

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