Technologies in Management (“Technology” Over “Process”)

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Apr 29 2017 | byAnton Shaleynikov

I enjoy building management systems. It’s not only a challenge for my knowledge but most importantly, a result from you, your individuality, skills, beliefs and your team.

At the beginning of my career, I’ve heard the word “process” numerous times. It meant a method of making something happen. It was seen as something that would fix any problem and make everyone happy.

After a number of achievements and failures, I came to a conclusion that people, who tend to say “processes” or other modern words, most often hide their misunderstanding and lack of knowledge behind these words.

I prefer to say “technology” to describe a sequence of actions, which leads to 100% result. Technology of ice-cream making, technology of software development.

Therefore, if I use the word “technology” in my further articles that would not mean .NET or Java but a sequence of actions that leads to 100% result.

Throughout my management practice, I collect small technologies that allow building a relatively reliable management system to manage technological companies.

Technologies can be tiny, consisting of two steps only. Some technologies demand certain skills and knowledge.

Technology of performing retrospective can be seen as an example. Technology of declining a client. Technology of hosting meetups. And so on.

These small bricks serve as a base for future house and “solidity” of our promises that we give to clients and colleagues.