Which Front-end Framework Should You Choose for Your Next Project?

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Jan 23 2017 | byAnton Shaleynikov

Modern frontend development assumes the use of enormous libraries, like AngularJS and React. Throughout our work, we have had experience with both. It allowed us to compare ease-of-use of Angular against simplicity of React.

It is worth saying that Angular is more popular among developers. It is not just our hypothesis, but a fact proved by Google Trends.

Comparison of Angular and React with the use of Google trends gave us unexpected results:

  1. Angular is almost 2 times more popular than React
  2. React is #1 in USA, Canada and Australia
  3. Angular is more popular everywhere else

There are numerous articles on the Internet about Angular vs React. However, we noticed that authors tend to take a biased side when choosing which option is better. We don’t want to do the same thing now. We believe that both platforms have the right to exist. After analyzing our work experience with Angular and React, we came up with some tips that can be useful for frontend developers:

  1. If you need to get it quick, pick Angular. It’s a perfect tool for quick UI solutions and for something not very complex.
  2. If you build an app for Google, don’t hesitate to use Angular. Angular2 is sponsored by Google and is a good choice for corporate apps.
  3. If you need to finish a task, use React as a default option. It fits better for apps with complicated business logic and shows more stability on long run.
  4. Start-ups really like React. Use it right to sell it to them. React is a popular choice among startups and distributed cross-functional teams, so you basically have your target audience for React.

Our expertise can be proved by small stats data. This year, for example, we had 8007,5 hours for 15 projects with Angular and 6780,2 hours for 6 projects with React. On average projects required 2-3 developers for Angular and 5-6 developers for React. Such distribution of power proves our statement that React is better for big frontend projects, while we used Angular for smaller projects with less number of developers.

Throughout three articles, we analyzed the following libraries: AngularJS (first or second version) and React. We compared them and determined pros and cons of each one, based on our real-time experience. We hope our recommendations will be useful for those who are eager to get expertise on frontend-end development.

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