Case study: DashBouquet Solution for App-based Service
In DashBouquet we are working with dfferent type of clients. Recently we had an experince as an outsourcing company working with a team with similar values.
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Case study: DashBouquet Solution for App-based Service

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Jul 14 2017 | byAnton Shaleynikov

A project that we’ve recently worked on is aiming to solve number of marketing problems that restaurants and other similar venues face. Question number one is: how to increase repeated visits and question two, which is more hidden - how to increase the average bill. Our new mobile application is tempting to solve these issues. The idea is to engage with the customers with the help of bonuses (free dishes and discounts) for checking-in in the particular restaurant. To do so, the app uses location, notifications and live chat with customers via the Intercom. Engagement is enhanced by several level of bonuses depending on the number of check-in’s.

The client who came up with this project, a UK software development company, needed assistance of a development team and expected clear and transparent time/budget project estimations and quick turnaround. It was a perfect match of required project tech stack and our specialization. Not the last role in this case belongs to personal communication. During the live meeting we noted an overlap of our companies’ positions in terms of values and views on business management. 

The client has already built a prototype with smooth design and only UI part was missing. Our job was to implement the whole frontend: app interface, all the logic and Intercom integration. We did  weekly sprints in-line with client’s expectations for timings: the requirement was to get the important functionality build first. After a dozen of iterations and 13 weeks we got everything done. While checking the results the client required some slight changes and after we fixed all bugs we then proceeded to the next stage - marketing the app to end-users and businesses.

We gained customer trust by staying within agreed time and budget. As an important outcome we got experience working with a team with similar values and honed our skills to build beautiful UIs with React Native.

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