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Jul 24 2018 | byAnton Shaleynikov

About a year ago we have already compared React and Angular. Since then our review needs to be updated a bit. Based on our own experience of working with both technologies, we have prepared a new review that is relevant to 2018. The differences in work will be presented and explained by our tech director/team lead and etc. Here are the six cards.



Angular offers ready ecosystem. In the case of React you will have to work independently. Angular is a good choice for the teams that are re-learning another specialization. As well, the support is much cheaper thanks to ready ecosystem. In its turn, React mostly offers innovative ideas. React is the trend-setter and Angular follows.



Angular suits better for Enterprise applications. React is a better choice for Rich User App.



Angular is developed and supported by Google. Facebook is in charge of React. Judging by our experience, we can confidently state that both options are excellent.



Angular falls into Object-oriented programming (OOP) category and React - into Functional. This allows to receive more control and better performance. It is easier to test React and this is an advantage for small companies, while not becoming a constraint for big companies as well.



React has higher Rendering performance.


Summing up, we prefer to work with React. But in case of developing Enterprise apps, we recommend Angular.

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