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Jan 10 2017 | byDmitry Budko

Angular and React: Comparison Based on a 2-year Long Dashbouquet Experience (part 1)

During the last two+ years, our team at Dashbouquet Development has worked on great variety of projects, including the ones on Angular, Angular2 and React. Almost all of them have gone to the production.

Modern front-end development assumes the use of enormous libraries, like AngularJS (either first or second version), React and many others. Each has its pros and cons and you can never tell which one is better unless you use both. We want to share with you our experience, which is based on the past 2-year practice in front-end development. Because at DashBouquet we mostly use Angular and React, we will have a look at these frameworks.

We’ve started with Angular few years back and since then we have completed more than 50 projects that differed in tech stack and size. Because we are commercial developers, we are eager to constantly improve our productivity and deliver best results in the shortest time possible. Thus, it was crucial for us to quickly adopt best tools and practices and quickly recognize which ones are worth getting rid of.

Below are our thoughts, based on the work experience with both Angular and React:

Table shows pros and cons of three frontend frameworks: angular, react (react redux) and angular 2

In this table you can see a quick overview of our thoughts for the three frameworks that we worked with. In our next article we will go into more detail and talk about some of the biggest pros and cons for each framework.

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