Top 5 Cryptocurrencies that are not Bitcoins
Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency. All the transactions are secured by the modern computer-based technique known as cryptography. Now we have over 3000 cryptocurrencies going around, with a record of $600 billion in market value.

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies that are not Bitcoins

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Feb 01 2018 | byNatalia Kukushkina

What is cryptocurrency?

No one ever thought of making the currencies digital and applying the cryptographic techniques to spread the concept of such currencies over the globe. But everything is possible in this fast and technology dependent era, so we are having many digital or you may say virtual currencies that are fulfilling the place of real money. Cryptocurrency theory Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency which is used for the purpose of exchange.

All the transactions are secured by the modern computer-based technique known as cryptography, which involves encryption and decryption of codes. The basic mechanism of cryptocurrency is a database where one can not cause any alteration without a specific key and that enables every single person to keep track of all his transactions and payments.

Bitcoin is one of the famous cryptocurrencies but there is much more to have a look and decide that even better cryptocurrencies are present, which can help you increase your shares and are capable of changing your lifestyle


Litecoin logo

The cryptocurrency for payments

After the popularity of the Bitcoin, a way opened for all the people to convert their money into untraceable resources and the developers started heading towards the development of the cryptocurrency. Among that developers and programmers, a developer named as Charlie Lee started trying, failed but did not give up and was able to develop a cryptocurrency that is today known as “Lite Coin” which is famous for the reliability, smartness, and cheapness. The most important feature of the lite coin is the speed of transactions that is much more than the Bitcoin i.e. 2 minutes instead of the turnover time of 10 minutes of the Bitcoin.

The Litecoin network is increasing day by day and there is chance that more entrepreneurs and clients will take the LiteCoin as their cryptocurrency because of its efficient working and growing popularity among important circles of investors 


Ethereaum logo

The crypto-fuel for the Ethereum network

A broader version of the encryption technology can be observed in the use of the Ethereum because unlike Bitcoin Ethereum is not only used as a currency but can also be used for building and deploying decentralized applications that do not require a center for their operation and working. It has become very popular among the users in no time as the use of blockchain technology is applied in the development of Ethereum which has many more applications other than digital currency.

In Ethereum blockchain people work to earn ether which is similar to Bitcoin, but the technical differences are present between the two. The whole Ethereum blockchain uses ether as its currency which is used to carry out many other works like the application developers can pay the transaction fees using ethers and can also make transactions or purchase the services on this platform using the cryptocurrency “Ethers”.


Ripple logo

The digital asset for payments

Ripple is one of the famous cryptocurrencies of today, which is beating the Bitcoin and the lite coin. The ripple was originally designed for the bank transactions and bank money transfers all over the globe, but it gained popularity among the individuals in no time and has now attained the rank of a top cryptocurrency. People are attracted to the Ripple because of the ease of investment, unlike its alternative cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency “Ripple” is considered more secure and easier to use than any other digital currency and is opted by many financial institutions which make it more trustworthy for the users to use.

A ripple network, which is wide help the individuals as well as the institutions and organizations to send, receive and transfer the digital currency globally. Investors are on the path of believing that cryptocurrency is going to be one of the most beneficial in the long run and this awareness has increased the number of investors who are opting Ripple network and other chains.


Dash logo

Digital cash you can spend anywhere

Due to its user, friendly feature it is getting popularity and is announced in the world's topmost cryptocurrencies. The individuals feel it easy to make transactions using dash as it is user-friendly and complete the transactions within a couple of seconds or you can say instantly.

The financial privacy is increased using dash as a cryptocurrency as it allows its user to make private transactions and provide a governing system so the important changes that are decided by the voting system can be easily implemented. The transaction time and the transaction fees are working in the favor of DASH and more and more individuals are attracted to this virtual currency.


ZCash logo Internet money

Not less than any other digital currency ZCash is also gaining the world’s attention due to the privacy it has been providing during the transactions. The ZCash contains some of the features of Bitcoin but is far better in the efficiency and the privacy of the transaction.ZCash provides you all the transactions and transfers recorded and published on the blockchain for the verifications but for the sake of privacy, it does not unveil the name of the sender or the receiver.

The only cryptocurrency, which offers the opportunity of shielded transactions for the individuals is gaining the trust of the investors and the network is spreading day by day.

  Cryptocurrencies guide infographic To sum up the whole thing, the modernized way of investing are attracting more and more investors and financial institutions to work using the cryptocurrencies and surely these digital currencies are going to replace the tedious system of local currencies.

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