Industries Transformed by Facial Recognition
We can spot these highly developed mechanisms in any industries, and this facial recognition has really transformed life on a daily basis. This technology has developed to become affordable and easily available for the majority. It helps different industries to accomplish a variety of tasks.
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Jul 01 2019 | byNatalia Kukushkina

Facial recognition is known as a biometric software application that identifies a person through their digital image. The digital image is the facial part of a person like a cheekbone shape, lip size, eye size, nose size, etc. The basic function of this biometric software is for security reasons but recently it is now used in multiple spheres like online shopping, E-commerce, gaming, etc.

Face recognition system has recently proved to be very helpful in verifying identity and it prevents theft from gaining access to our important stuff. We can spot these highly developed mechanisms in any industries, and this facial recognition has really transformed life on a daily basis. This technology has developed to become affordable and easily available for the majority. It helps different industries to accomplish a variety of tasks.

How Does It Work?

Four steps of facial recognition This technology is reliable, efficient and innovative and, its use and applications are increasing with different industries backing it.

# Financial Security

Financial institutions and Banks are using this facial recognition system (FRS) to remove the usual password and PIN protection methods which can be often hacked by theft.  This technology can also safeguard vaults and deposit boxes against loots.

Despite the increased use of ATM cards Europay, MasterCard, Visa (EMV) which is often related to password creation policies, there is a different report of fraud cases on this cards and it’s a big issue for financial security industries. As a result of this; billions of dollars have been lost by financial institutions, so the facial recognition system (FRS) has really helped to solve this issue. Financial institutions now rely on facial recognition which it then compares with similar ones that were uploaded by the bank’s personnel into their various systems so as to verify their customer’s identity.

# E-commerce

Facial recognition system (FRS) helps verify the identity of shoppers and fastens the shopping and transaction process.

Amazon has found this technology as the best way to eliminate fraud, it is hereby included as part of their verification process, after capturing your face, you might wink your eyes or smile to confirm you’re not a robot. Well, that sounds cool. So this method has really helped the E-commerce industry.  Amazon facial recognition

FRS is one the powerful innovative technology because of it pretty safe. After all, everyone face is unique and the problem of faking one selfie is solved.

# Immigration

This technology prevents international terrorists who want to terrorize foreign soil. The facial recognition system (FRS) effectiveness identifies a threat because it's very difficult for human eyes to identify people with just a photograph.

Technology industries in partnership with travel providers and the federal government to install facial recognition systems at a strategical position at the airports and cruise terminals

# Law Enforcement

Facial recognition system (FRS) includes acclaimed CABS-computerized arrest, booking system and child protection measures. This is used internationally to recover exploited and missing children. This technology easily identifies traffickers and molesters.

SenseTime is among the Chinese artificial intelligence companies developing facial recognition technology is already working with the Chinese government. 

Sensevideo by Sensetime

# Access Control

It helps identify a person on their identity cards. It eliminates the risk of people using false identity cards. 

FRS is used widely in a variety of security systems such as computer user accounts or physical access control. 

# Surveillance/Scene Analysis

Facial recognition system (FRS) has the ability to extract, and identify non-facial imagery like marks, mask, scars, and tattoos. This technology is capable of identifying a particular person or group of people in a crowd. It is capable of analyzing scenes from archived videos for the precise faces.

# Homeland Defense

Homeland defense is also an Industry that has been transformed by a facial recognition system (FRS). Countries around the world are making sure this technology eliminates terrorists attack from boarding aircraft, protecting critical infrastructure like temples, dams, bridges, borders, energy plants, etc.

# Aviation Security

Airports are Industries that are also being transformed by this facial recognition system (FRS) for obvious reasons. Apart from the usual fortifications and metal detectors, this biometric software can help identify and nab suspects without stress. Since terrorists arrive either through airplane or ships, aviation becomes an important industry to protect from terrorist.

# Voter Verification

This biometric software is used by various government officials for conducting a free and fair election because it stops forged and repeated voting.

Here stands out Voatz app: “The system features biometric/facial recognition technology to allow for fast voting while retaining user anonymity". The app also uses blockchain to store information safely.  Voatz app logo

Facial recognition system (FRS) is one of the most popular biometric technologies. The applications of this facial recognition technology are however on a rise and have found their way into the different industry you can imagine. Because of the excellent and outstanding features, its dominance grows and will still grow until each and every industry has been transformed by this facial recognition system (FRS).

Apart from the above-mentioned industries that have been transformed by this system, there are also some industries that have accepted this technology but have not yet implement it on their day to day activities. Airports make use of this biometric software in order to detect faces from a crowd. Experiments have revealed that facial recognition technology has high rates of accuracy in terms of facial detection than all other forms of technology. It is very impossible to fool the facial system. its use is increasing continuously! This technology has already become the trending word in the security industry and all sphere of industries. It is all set to rule the industry in the near future.

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