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who we are

Software house of 40 engineers (at the moment of 2019) started in 2014 at Belarus, Minsk. During the years we were focused on delivering quality and mastering technical aspects of software projects we were involved in.

Our Approach

We aim to answer as quickly as possible. Communication is key.

We avoid unnecessary losses. We suggest a long-term partnership. 9 month is an average engagement.

We don't work with a fixed price. Such a flexible approach allows to allocate resources and to adapt to new queries.

We can't fulfill all the queries. It gives us profound and deep knowledge of the technology we own.

30 % of our clients return with a second project



Work on Apple devices only. You can work on something else if needed but God forbid.

Coffee Machine

Swiss cocoa and coffee. Tastes somewhat between holy ambrosia and a bit worse holy ambrosia.

City Center Location

Office in the center of the city. If anything goes wrong during your vacation, there is an infective hospital nearby.


Compensation for conference visits. The company will pay for visiting all necessary conferences.

Declared Salary

No surprises at the end of the month. You’ll receive the exact amount of money that we promised upon hiring you. The salary mentioned above is after-tax.

English class

Taught by native speakers with beards right in the office. Two times per week. Groups of different levels. For free.


Partial or full compensation of professional education. We encourage evolution.

Fruits and Snacks

If no one eats them before you, obviously.


In 2035 we will have a new metro station right near our office. A good reason to stay with us for a long time.

Health Insurance

We would like you to stay alive as long as possible.

Parking Lot

Parking lot on paid parking upon request. The company pays for the parking lot. We don’t pay for the car though.

Sick Leave

Paid sick-leave (no loss in salary).


Low density in the office. Nobody will gaze upon your monitor.


4 toilets. All of them have locks. None have cameras.


20 days of vacation (28 calendar days).


Comfortable work place. Everything is either new, comfortable or beautiful.


A team of young and enthusiastic people. And we won’t fire you if you get older.